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A Glimpse into Key Benefits

No Need for Password No Need for Password

Bypass iCloud activation lock without password and with just a few easy steps.

Use New Apple ID Use New Apple ID

Easily sign in with a new Apple ID to your device after a successful bypass.

100% Successful Bypass 100% Successful Bypass

Ensure a 100% success rate with crystal-clear bypassing instructions.

Common Scenarios for Bypassing iCloud Activation Lock

Second-Hand Device Purchase

When purchasing a pre-owned iOS device, the activation lock may be enabled. Bypassing it without the previous owner will be typically required.

Second-Hand Device Purchase

Lost Apple ID and Password

In cases where you have forgotten the iCloud password, a reliable iCloud activation lock removal tool will become necessary.

Lost Apple ID and Password


  1. Jailbreaking your iOS device is necessary to bypass activation lock.
  2. You can regain daily iOS access after bypass, but limitations persist on calls, data, and iCloud.
  3. Do not restart, factory reset, or flash firmware after successfully bypassing your iOS device. Otherwise, the activation lock will appear again and you need to unlock your device one more time (although your data will remain intact).

What You Get After Bypassing iCloud Activation Lock

Get back into your iOS devices and enjoy using all your apps like you used to.


Pop in with a new Apple ID and shop around in the App Store or iTunes.


Shake off any digital tail left by the old Apple ID on other devices.


Keep your device safe from any surprise lockdowns or remote wipes by the previous owner.


How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

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Step 2
Step 3
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Passvers iPhone Unlocker solely offers a method to bypass iCloud activation lock without password. Please ensure you use our software only in lawful situations. Any usage related to unauthorized actions must be strictly prohibited.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Right Now!

Get Passvers iPhone Unlocker, and say goodbye to the iCloud Activation Lock screen.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Right Now!
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