How to Unlock iPad Without Password (4 Ways Recommended)

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Some of you may once forget your iPad passcode/pin after you haven't used the iPad for a long time, which can be upsetting. That’s a reason why we have received such requests from time to time: how to unlock iPad if I forgot passcode? Therefore, this post is to help those in need to unlock an iPad without a password or unlock the disabled iPad. Here you will see four feasible methods to get into your locked iPad.

What You Should Know About iPad Unlocking

Before removing passcode from the iPad, there are a few facts you should know about the iPad passcode.

  • After entering the wrong password on your iPad for 6 times in a row, your iPad will be disabled for a certain time. As the incorrect password attempts increase, the interval will become longer.
  • After too many unsuccessful attempts, the iPad will be completely disabled.
  • If you have enabled Erase data in Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, the iPad will automatically delete all data on it after 10 wrong attempts. You'll be able to use the iPad again but all data are gone.

So, it’s suggested that you be very careful when you try every time to enter the passcode, especially the 10th time, or your iPad may be disabled, or your data will be erased.

It’s also noted that most of the methods applicable for unlocking iPad without password will clear the data on your iPad, because they may ask to reset or restore your device to wipe the passcode. Therefore, it’s also important to keep a backup on a regular basis.

1. How to Unlock Disabled/Locked iPad Without iTunes

This method works for you if you:

  • Have trouble using iTunes (the official way) to unlock iPad.
  • Have got a computer to install a third-party iPad unlocking program (and don’t mind doing so).

Apple suggests us to restore the disabled/locked iPad with iTunes when we cannot remember iPad passcode/pin code. However, if your iPad has not been synced with the iTunes before, iTunes won't let you restore the iPad and ask you to enter the password (which you forgot) on the iPad, and you have to turn to recovery mode for help, which is much more troublesome.

Fortunately, there is another way for you to reset the locked/disabled iPad without iTunes: using Passvers iPhone Unlocker. The program can help you get into your iPad without correct passcode or complex procedure. With a high success rate, you can use Passvers iPhone Unlocker to remove the passcode from your iPad, and then your iPad will be able to work for you again. You can then set up the device and restore the iCloud backup to get back all your data.

Apart from removing passcodes, Passvers iPhone Unlocker also supports wiping Apple ID without password, bypassing iCloud activation lock, and removing screentime passcode. With this software that is compatible with most iOS devices and versions, you can salvage your iPad and other iOS devices easily.

Watch the video tutorial or follow the following steps to restore the disable and locked iPad without iTunes.

STEP 1. Free download Passvers iPhone Unlocker on a PC or Mac.

STEP 2. Connect your iPad to the computer via USB cable and open the unlocker program.

STEP 3. Choose Wipe Passcode from the three options and it will detect your device automatically.

Please check and ensure the information is absolutely correct about your iPad. Click Start and it will download the firmware package for the device.

STEP 4. When the firmware package is downloaded, Passvers iPhone Unlocker will ask you to enter "0000" to confirm the unlocking.

STEP 5. When you confirm the unlocking, the program will begin unlocking your iPad.

STEP 6. Wait till the unlocking process continues. When it finishes, your iPad will be unlocked successfully.

Again, before you try to remove the screen passcode with Passvers iPhone Unlocker, you should know that:


  1. Remove your lock screen will erase all the data and settings. If you have backed up in iCloud before, you can restore data from iCloud.
  2. It would be better to turn off Find My iPad in advance. Or else the unlocking might be failed. If Find My iPad is enabled, you will need to enter iCloud passcode to reset the device.
  3. Your device will be updated to the latest iOS version after the unlocking.
  4. Remember to register before unlocking.


Now you can set up your iPad and restore everything from iCloud backup. You won't lose your data if you have an iCloud backup.

2. How to Unlock iPad Without Password by Erasing iPad

This method works for you if:

  • Your iPad is running iPadOS 15.2 or later.
  • You have logged into the iPad with your Apple ID and still remember the Apple ID password.
  • “Find My” feature has been enabled on your iPad.
  • The iPad has connected to the Internet.


This part offers a convenient way to you for unlocking iPad without screen code with “Erase iPad” option. You just need to use your Apple ID & password to enable the option and factory reset your iPad. Besides, it’s better to prepare a backup of important data on iPad, in case you cannot find them back. Here is the simple guide.

STEP 1. Enter wrong iPad screen code for 7 times, and you can see the “Erase iPad” option appear on the screen.

STEP 2. Tap the “Erase iPad” button twice, and you will see the “Sign out of Apple ID” interface. Then enter your Apple ID and the password.

STEP 3. Wait until the erasing finishes. Your iPad then will restart and have no password.


3. How to Restore Locked/Disabled iPad with iTunes

This method can be used when you:
  • Have ever synced your iPad with iTunes (so it will not require you to enter the passcode when you connect your iPad to it).

If your iPad has been synced to iTunes before, you can reset disabled iPad with iTunes when you forgot iPad lock code. Restoring the iPad with iTunes will remove all data (including passcode) of your iPad. But you can recover the data if you have an iTunes backup.

STEP 1. Connect your locked iPad to your computer.

STEP 2. When your iPad is detected, make a backup of your iPad with iTunes or sync your iPad to iTunes.

STEP 3. After you have a backup, click Restore iPad. The iTunes will factory reset the locked iPad.

STEP 4. When reaching the setup screen, choose Restore from iTunes backup.

STEP 5. You can then get into your iPad without passcode.

Restore iPad with iTunes

4. How to Unlock iPad Passcode Without Computer

The final attempt you can try is to use Find My iPad to unlock iPad passcode, it’s applicable when you:

  • Have Find My iPad turned on.
  • Remember the Apple ID and password for your iPad.
  • Have a good network with the standby device.


It's also the best way to try if you cannot access to a computer at the moment, and is very easy. But also remember that it will unlock your iPad by erasing the data. Here’s the tutorial of this method:

STEP 1. Go to on your mobile browser and log into the iCloud account of your iPad with your Apple ID.

STEP 2. Click Find My iPhone, choose your iPad, and click Erase iPad.


Extra Tip: iPad Has Been Disabled But I Finally Remember the Password. What to Do?

Apart from the 4 useful ways to unlock iPad without password, here we also offer you another tip when you finally remember your iPad screen code but your iPad has been disabled after too many failed attempts. You just need to use your PC with iTunes to deal with the problem.

Besides, this trick won't let you restore your iPad, and the data will be saved. Just follow the steps:

STEP 1. Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPad to the computer.

STEP 2. Select your iPad and choose "Back Up Now". You'll be asked to enter the passcode.

STEP 3. Enter your passcode and cancel the backup. You can fix the disabled iPad immediately.


For those who have totally forgotten passcode, you can still reset locked iPad Pro/Air/Mini without losing data by managing to create a backup before the restore.

That's all the methods you can try when you are locked out of your iPad. There are official approaches like using iTunes to restore your iPad or using FMI to erase it. When they cannot function, you can also turn to Passvers iPhone Unlocker to unlock your iPad without password and even iTunes. After you have unlocked the iPad, don't forget to set up an easy to remember the passcode for your iPad.

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