This post would share 5 ways to reset your iCloud password if you forgot it. Among all the methods, using Passvers iPhone Unlocker to remove the Apple ID is the one with the least limitation.

Forgetting password is a common problem and we believe that all of you have once clicked 'Forgot Password' link for some time in your life. Forgetting the iCloud password can cause a lot of problems, restricting you from using iCloud, downloading apps, or doing more things.

If you have unfortunately forgotten the iCloud password and don't know how to recover it, follow this tutorial and try one of the 5 ways to reset your iCloud password and regain access to iCloud functions.

What is iCloud Password?

Generally speaking, your iCloud account is your Apple ID, which is the email address you used to log in to your Apple devices. In this case, to reset iCloud password is to reset the Apple ID password.

iCloud account and password are needed when you want to log into iCloud on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or all other Apple devices. Your iCloud password protects your personal files on iCloud, such as personal photos, and contacts. If you forgot iCloud password, you are unable to access these files. Also, your password protects your ability to locate or remotely erase your device using Find My iPhone.

In most cases, the Apple ID and password used on iCloud are the same as those you use to download apps, music, and movies from iTunes, App Store. So, if you can remember your iTunes/App Store password, try to log in iCloud with the password.

How to Reset Your iCloud Password [Easy & Safe]

Although there are multiple official ways for you to recover the Apple ID password, they all come with certain limitations, for example, you have to get access to your iPhone with iCloud logged in, you must answer security questions that you might have forgotten, or you must enter a valid phone number linked with the Apple account. Even though these limitations guarantee your account security, they also make things tricky when you forgot your iCloud password and cannot fulfill any of the requirements.

If you have tried many times and cannot find your iCloud password back, I would recommend you here to use a third-party program for unlocking iOS devices – Passvers iPhone Unlocker. This software specializes in dealing with password-forgotten problems and can help you quickly and securely remove the screen lock, Apple ID, and Screen Time passcode from your iOS device. If you forgot the iCloud password, you can easily use it to remove your iCloud account and Apple ID and then reset a new one.

You can also use Passvers iPhone Unlocker when:

  1. You forget the iOS screen passcode, and want to erase the screen passcode from the disabled, used or locked iPhone/iPad;
  2. You forget your Apple ID or password, and need to delete your Apple ID or iCloud account on your iPhone/iPad;
  3. The wrong password is entered multiple times on the iOS device and the message "iPhone is disabled" pop ups on the screen;
  4. You have purchased a second-hand iPhone or iPad and cannot bypass the lock screen step;
  5. You accidentally break your iPhone/iPad screen, and need to access your iPhone or iPad urgently;
  6. You forget the screen time passcode or want to cancel the restriction, unlock the screen time passcode without losing any data.

Now have a look at how to use Passvers iPhone Unlocker to delete the Apple ID:

Step 1. Download Passvers iPhone Unlocker

Step 2. Choose to Remove Apple ID (iCloud Account)

Launch Passvers iPhone Unlocker and enter the main interface of the software. You will see three options: wipe passcode, remove Apple ID, and screen time. Choose Remove Apple ID to continue.

Step 3. Connect Your Device to The Computer

Connect your device to computer with USB cable. You need to tap "Trust" to trust the computer and enter your screen passcode to confirm.

Step 4. Start to Remove iCloud Account/Apple ID

Click "Start" to begin removing iCloud account in your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Before the removing, pay attention to the warnings.

Step 5 iCloud Account is Removed (3 Situations)

According to the iOS version and whether FMI is enabled on your iPhone or not, there are different steps to remove your iCloud account.

? Situation 1. Find My iPhone is Disabled (for All iOS Versions)

If Find My iPhone is disabled on your device, Passvers iPhone Unlocker will remove your Apple ID successfully. You just need to wait for seconds for the removal to be finished and then reset your Apple ID/ iCloud password.

? Situation 2. Find My iPhone is Enabled (for iOS 11.4 and Later, iOS 16 Included)

  1. Make sure the two-factor authentication of your Apple device is on, and you will have to enter “0000” to confirm unlocking, or the removing process will fail.
  1. Download the firmware.
  1. Make sure the lock screen password is set and enter “0000” again to confirm unlocking.
  1. Removing Apple ID.
  1. Finish removing and enter your passcode to reset your iCloud/ Apple ID and password.

? Situation 3. Find My iPhone is Enabled (earlier than iOS 11.4)

  1. Reset all settings on your Apple device manually, and then your Apple ID will be removed.
  1. Your Apple ID is removed successfully and you can reset it.

If you don’t need to delete your Apple ID to do the resetting, you can also change or reset your password with 3 official ways:

How to Reset iCloud Password on iPhone/iPad

When you forgot iCloud/ Apple ID password and can access your device, you can perform the account recovery directly on iPhone/iPad. Here is how to do that:

STEP 1. Open Settings on iPhone/iPad.

STEP 2. If you have signed in with your iCloud account, tap your Apple ID > Password & Security > Change password. (On iOS 10 or earlier, tap Settings > iCloud > Apple ID)


Enter your screen passcode first, and then you will be able to change your Apple ID password.


STEP 3. If you don't add an iCloud account on your device, tap Settings >Sign in to your iPhone Forgot Apple ID or Password. (On iOS 10.2 or earilier, tap Settings > iCloud >Forgot Apple ID or Password) You can then reset Apple ID password.

You can also recover iCloud password on PC, Mac or other devices via Apple ID account page (

Bonues: How to Change iCloud Password on a Borrowed Apple Device

If you have to make iCloud password reset immediately but your Apple devices don’t come along with you, you can try this method. As long as you have a friend or whoever you trust by your side using Apple devices, you can borrow their iPhone or iPad to change iCloud password.

It’s never complex to use the method and it won’t cost you much time. But you may need to connect to Wi-Fi because you are required to download the Apple Support App if needed. Now let’s see how to change iCloud password via Apple Support App without Apple devices:

Step 1. Download the Apple Support App from Apple Store and launch it.
Step 2. Find the Support Tools column, and tap Reset Password.
Step 3. To change iCloud password of your own account, you need to choose “A different Apple ID” then.
Step 4. Finally, you are required to type your Apple ID, and follow the on-screen instruction to finish resetting iCloud password.

Apple Support App

How to Reset iCloud Password on Apple ID Account Page (Two-Factor Authentication Doesn’t Turn on)

Forgot iCloud Password and Security Questions? Use Email Authentication

Apple ID account page allows you to reset iCloud password with different ways of security. One of the ways is sending a reset email to the email address that you have associated with your Apple ID.

STEP 1.  Go to Apple ID account page ( Select "Forgot Apple ID or password?" to reset iCloud password.

STEP 2. Enter your Apple ID (email address) and click "Continue".


Then choose “I need to reset my password”.


STEP 3. When you stepped into "Reset Password" page, you'll be provided with two options: Get an email or Answer security questions. If you have forgotten answers to the security questions, choose "Get an email". Then, Apple will send instructions to your email address which is used as Apple ID.


STEP 4. Open the email from Apple. Click Reset now link in that email to reset a new password for iCloud.

Forgot iCloud Password and Cannot Access Email? Answer Security Questions

If you forget the iCloud password and don't have access to the email account, you can still recover lost iCloud password by answering security questions that you have set up.

STEP 1. Go to Apple ID account page ( > Forgot Apple ID or password.

STEP 2. Enter iCloud email address and this time, choose "Answer security quetions".


STEP 3. Enter the date of your birth and click Continue > Answer the security question.


STEP 4. After you have finished all the questions, you can enter a new password to change iCloud password.

How to Reset iCloud Password on Apple ID Account Page (Two-Factor Authentication is on)

If you have turned on Two-Factor Authentication (or Two-Step Verification for the old version), the steps of recovering iCloud password are a bit different.

Recover iCloud Password with Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is Apple's security method for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on iOS 9 or later, Mac on OS X El Capitan or later. If you have enable two-factory authentication for your Apple ID, you should reset iCloud password in these steps.

STEP 1. Go to and choose Forget Apple ID or password.

STEP 2. Enter your Apple ID, the email address associated with iCloud and Continue.


STEP 3. If you have enabled two-factor authentication, you'll be asked to enter the phone number of your trusted device. Enter the phone number and continue.


STEP 4. Choose Use trusted phone number and you'll get an authentication code on the device, which you can use to reset password. After entering the code, you will be able to reset your iCloud password with the onscreen instructions.


Recover iCloud Password with Two-Factor Authentication (Older Version)

If you haven't updated to two-factor authentication and use the older security method two-step verification to protect your Apple ID. You can change or reset iCloud password with a recovery key and a trusted device. Follow these steps:

STEP 1. Go to and enter your iCloud email address.

STEP 2. Apple will tell you that your Apple ID is protected with two-step verification. Enter your Recovery Key.

STEP 3. Choose a trusted device. Apple will send your device a verification code.

STEP 4. Enter the four-digit verification code and then set a new password and select Reset Password.

If you have forgot iCloud two-step verification password, you can reset or change your password from your trusted iPhone: Settings > iCloud > tap Apple ID > Password & Security to change Password.

How to Reset iCloud Password Using Account Recovery Contact

The last solution to have iCloud password reset needs help from your family members or friends who also use Apple devices. They can receive a recovery code for you, which you can enter to your Apple device and reset iCloud password. Below is the simple guide on how to recover iCloud password with account recovery contact:

Step 1. Go to Settings and tap your name. Then, choose Password & Security and locate Account Recovery.
Step 2. You can see the plus sign option next to Add Recovery Contact, and just tap it.
Step 3. Then, if you’ve designated the family members, you’ll first receive the notice to set them as the contact that get your recovery code. But you choose not select them and tap Choose Someone Else to select one person.
Step 4. Now, just follow the instructions to send a message to the selected person. He or she will receive a recovery code that enables you to reset iCloud password.

If you have your Mac by your side, you can also use your Mac to finish it. The steps are much similar to the above ones.


Extra Tip: What If I Forgot My Apple ID Password and Email Address

If unfortunately, you forgot both the iCloud password and email address, you can fingure out the iCloud email address with these methods:

STEP 1. On your iPhone, iPad, open iTunes or App Store and if you have signed in with the iCloud account, you can see the email address there. Or you can go to Settings and see if there is Apple ID.

On your Mac, check Apple ID in System Preferences > iCloud or iTunes/App Store application.

STEP 2. Go to Apple ID account page to retrieve Apple ID.

FAQs on Forgetting iCloud Password

When you’ve forgot iCloud password, 5 useful ways of how to change it are listed above. If you still have some puzzles, you can check this part.

Can You Recover iCloud Without Email?

It’s possible to reset iCloud password without the email. You can jump to the above part in this post where we’ve introduced the solution.

How to Create a New Account After I Forgot iCloud Password?

If you have tried all methods and fail to have your iCloud password reset and cannot use the iCloud ID anymore, you can consider creating a new account. You can follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings on your Apple devices, and choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

2. Tap "Add Account" > Add "iCloud" account. Here you can find "Create a new Apple ID".

Then, you just need to follow the detailed guide and get your new iCloud account with an email address.


With the methods we have shared with you, you'll be able to reset iCloud password and regain access to full functions in a few minutes. When the official ways don’t work, Passvers iPhone Unlocker may be your choice for its powerful function on resetting iCloud account/Apple ID. If you encounter any problem during the process, please leave your comments below.

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