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Activation Lock, also known as Apple ID Lock, is a security feature tied to Find My. It activates automatically when Find My is on. This feature prevents unauthorized device use by requiring the correct Apple ID password. However, what if you've bought a second-hand iPhone/iPad with an Activation Lock, and you can't reach the previous owner? Is there a way to unlock the iPhone/iPad without their Apple ID password?

Take it easy! This post provides 3 practical ways to remove Activation Lock without previous owner. Each approach tackles various scenarios. Then, you can learn the answer to how to remove Activation Lock without previous owner and conquer it smoothly.

How to Remove Activation Lock Without Previous Owner (3 Options)

The 3 useful methods will be displayed in this part. You can read them one by one and select the way that fits you most.

1. Remove Activation Lock Without Previous Owner with Passvers iPhone Unlocker🔥

When you're grappling with the challenge of iCloud Activation Lock removal, you might have tried various methods, but either faced complexity or unsuccessful bypass attempts. Perhaps now is the time to consider enlisting the help of professional third-party software - Passvers iPhone Unlocker, to help you solve this urgent issue.

Passvers iPhone Unlocker is the one that can meet all your needs for bypassing the Activation Lock. It can help you remove Activation Lock without previous owner, and the process is straightforward and easy-to-follow, with an extremely high success rate. Moreover, aside from iCloud Activation Lock, this software also supports wiping Screen Lock, Apple ID, and Screen Time passcode with simple clicks.

So, how do you use this software to help you bypass Activation Lock? Watch this video guide and keep reading to find out:

Step 1. Jailbreak your iPhone

Jailbreak your iOS device. It's essential to note that jailbreaking is a necessary step, as the following process won't proceed smoothly without it.

Step 2. Download and Launch Passvers iPhone Unlocker

Download and run Passvers iPhone Unlocker on your computer. Choose "Bypass iCloud Activation Lock" and click "Start". Then, connect your device to the computer and confirm the device Information.


During the bypass process, keep the device connected to the computer, and don't touch your device until the removal is done.

Step 3. Successfully Remove Activation Lock Without Previous Owner

Just be patient and wait for the bypass process, which might take a few minutes. After that, you can get into your iPhone/iPad again.


  • Once you remove Activation Lock without previous owner, you can log into the App Store with your new Apple ID to download and install apps. However, you won't be able to use a new Apple ID to sign in to iCloud, make phone calls, or access mobile data networks on the device.
  • If you restore the device or erase the original settings, Activation Lock will appear again even after bypassing it.

2. Remove Find My iPhone Activation Lock Without Previous Owner Using DNS

If your blocked device is running an old version operating system such as iOS 8 or earlier, you can try to bypass the Activation Lock without computer by changing the WiFi network’s DNS settings. It is finished by unlinking your iOS device from Apple’s servers and then connecting it to other third-party servers.

However, this method may not work every time, and can't unlock your device permanently since it is just a way trickier. The Activation Lock will reappear after restarting. And DNS setting is a manual process, so it would be difficult for non-technical users to operate. Here is the step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Set up your device and connect to WiFi. Tap the info icon next to the WiFi signal to go to the detailed page.

Step 2. Scroll down, tap "Configure DNS" and choose "Manual".

Step 3. Tap "Add Server", and enter one of the following DNS servers based on your own situation.

  • USA:
  • South America:
  • Europe:
  • Asia:
  • Australia and Oceania:
  • Other:

Bypass Activation Lock DNS

Now you finish the setting and your iOS device is unlocked.


There is no assurance that the iPhone/iPad can be unlocked once. You may be required to try several times. Even after unlocking successfully, not all features can be accessed.

3. Remove Activation Lock Without Previous Owner by Contacting Apple Support

If you're not accustomed to resolving issues with your iOS device on your own, try contacting Apple's official support. They can help you turn off Activation Lock from your iPhone or iPad. This is a very useful method but may take a bit long time and is not that easy, because you need to provide some required documents like proof of ownership of the iOS device from the previous owner.

If you can't prove ownership or if it's a second-hand device you purchased, unfortunately, this method is highly likely to be ineffective.

Apple Support

How to Remove Activation Lock with Previous Owner (2 Methods)

If you can get in touch with the previous owner and have the necessary information they provide, bypassing the Activation Lock can become relatively easy.

1. Bypass Activation Lock with Apple ID and Password

If you have a good relationship with the previous owner, simply approach them and request them to input the screen password, Apple ID and Password to unlock the device. After that, they can sign out of their Apple ID, which will detach the device from their account.

2. Bypass Activation Lock via iCloud

Since iCloud introduces the Activation Lock feature, there is also an official method for unlocking it. Through the official iCloud website, you can bypass the iCloud Activation Lock, but you also need to provide some specific information:

  • You must input the previous owner's Apple ID and password to initiate the iCloud Activation Lock removal.
  • Contacting the previous owner of the iOS device is necessary.

Here's how you can proceed:

Step 1. Open your web browser and go to iCloud.com, then sign in using the previous owner's Apple ID and password.

Step 2. Once you're on the dashboard, choose Find iPhone/iPad option and click on All Devices to pick your specific device model.

Step 3. Next, opt for Erase iPhone or Erase iPad Remove from Account.

Remove from Account via iCloud

How to Prevent Activation Lock from Appearing

Since Activation Lock is a feature embedded in Find My, if you want to prevent it from appearing, just turn off the Find My function. But once this feature is disabled, your iPhone will no longer be subject to iOS locks. If unfortunately, your iPhone/iPad is lost, it can't be retrieved and your privacy, such as photos and messages on the device, may be revealed. Therefore, have second thoughts before turning off the Find My iPhone. Detailed steps to turn off Activation Lock are as follows.

Step 1. Open the "Settings" app on your iOS device and tap the name icon at the top of the screen.

Step 2. Select "Find My" and tap "Find My iPhone" again on the next page.

Step 3. Enter your Apple ID password to disable the feature.

Turn Off Find My iPhone


If the iOS device is iOS15/iPadOS 15 or later, you can pay attention when you turn on or wake the device and see if there's a screen saying "iPhone Locked to Owner". This notice tells you the device has an Activation Lock.

Therefore, when you buy a second-hand iPhone/iPad and find the screen, please check it with the previous owner face to face, which ensures that the previous owner can remove Activation Lock immediately and it won't influence your later using.

FAQs of How to Remove Activation Lock Without Previous Owner

If you still have some puzzles of bypassing iCloud Activation Lock without previous owner, you can check this part.

Can I Legally Remove Activation Lock Without Previous Owner?

Of course. As long as the iPhone/iPad/iPod is bought legally but not stolen, you can remove Activation Lock without previous owner if needed.

Can I Trade-in iCloud Locked iPhone?

Pitifully, if you want to trade-in an iPhone, it shouldn't be locked by Activation Lock, and you have to remove it first. So, you can try the methods we list above, like using Passvers iPhone Unlocker to help you. Then, you can take your unlocked iPhone to trade-in.


By now, 3 helpful ways about how to remove Activation Lock without previous owner have been introduced above. So, when you get stuck with the Activation Lock, you can have a couple of options to handle the situation.

Among them, the most efficient method is to use Passvers iPhone Unlocker. This professional iOS software can bypass the activation lock for you, with a remarkably high success rate. Using DNS settings or asking Apple support for help is also available. But the latter two ways come with some limitations. Anyway, choose the one that suits your needs, and hope you can remove the Activation Lock successfully.

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