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The most annoying issue after purchasing a cheap second-hand iPad should be the activation lock used by Apple to secure the devices. When you don't know the original Apple ID and the corresponding passwords, you just can't activate the iPad directly. Therefore, this post has collected some helpful solutions on how to bypass activation lock on iPad and get you out of this trouble! Now, dive into reading and take the best way to try!

iPad Activation Locks: Pros and Cons

Some of you are probably the first time hearing about iPad activation lock and don't know why it will exist on a second-hand iPad. So before heading down to the guide directly, you can firstly walk through the introduction of iPad activation lock and all the pros and cons of it.

Activation lock is a feature of the Find My function, which can instantly detect abnormal situations when others else taking away your iPad/iPhone, trying to erase data, or reactivating it without asking your permission. Once the device is reset, the activation lock screen will occur. Without entering your Apple ID and credentials, the device will not be able to activate.

iPad Activation lock definitely brings both pros and cons. Overall, they can be concluded with the following ones:


  • Safeguard iPad data and personal information by preventing others from accessing them.
  • Prevent the risk of privacy disclosure from happening when your iPad is stolen or lost.
  • Stop others from using your iPad without asking your permission.


  • You will fail to access your own devices when you forget the passwords.
  • Unavailable to activate when purchasing a second-hand device and fail to contact the original owner.
  • Cause great inconvenience to reset or do device maintenance after applying activation lock protection.

To sum up, iPad activation lock feature definitely improves the security system to safeguard all data stored on your iPad, it does result in inconvenience sometimes. If you also run into any trouble brought by it, get started with the following methods and learn how to bypass iCloud activation lock on iPad in no time.


The Easiest Way for iPad Activation Lock Bypass

Don't know Apple ID and passwords at all? Don't worry! Passvers iPhone Unlocker can deliver an amazing and the most effortless way to bypass iPad activation lock just by taps! The program is developed with an intuitive interface and straightforward function, to clearly guide every beginner on the correct path to bypass iCloud activation lock on iPad without errors.

Passvers iPhone Unlocker also adopts advanced decoding and also hardcore acceleration techniques, greatly improving to the highest success rate to remove activation locks and other more iOS locks such as iPad/iPhone screen locks, Apple ID passwords, MDM profiles, and more just in seconds!

Sparkling Features of Passvers iPhone Unlocker

  • Accelerated performance to bypass iCloud activation lock on iPad/iPhone.
  • Guarantee high success rate to remove activation locks without errors.
  • No Apple IDs or passwords are needed.
  • Run with all models of iPad.
  • It also functions to remove more types of locks on iPad/iPhone such as screen locks, Screen Time passcodes, and more.

In the following, let's step into the manipulation guide and see how to remove activation lock on iPad without Apple ID and password with Passvers iPhone Unlocker. Please check.


To bypass iCloud activation lock successfully, you need to get your device jailbroken first.

Step 1. Run Passvers iPhone Unlocker. From the main feed, select Bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

Step 2. Connect iPad to the computer using a USB cable. The program will double check the jailbreaking condition of your iPad. You can follow the guide provided here to jailbreak the device if you haven't done it before.

Step 3. Eventually, simply tap Start Bypassing Activation and Passvers iPhone Unlocker will initiate to bypass iCloud activation lock on your iPad without asking you to enter Apple ID or password at all!

If you also want to bypass iPad/iPhone password, screen time passcode or remove MDM profiles, Passvers iPhone Unlocker will also be your reliable assistance.

Bypass Activation Lock with Password

Definitely, using Apple ID and the password of the device to remove activation lock can be the most effortless method. To do it, you will be aware of preparing the following two things:

  • You need to request the devices' original owners or the sellers to get the credentials.
  • Two-factorauthentication code received by the original device owner.
  • The 4-digit or 6-digit screen code (for erased iPad).


For insights on removing activation lock without the previous owner, check out the mentioned Passvers iPhone Unlocker.

Steps to Bypass Activation Lock with Password1

Step 1. Turn on your iPad and proceed with the device setting process till it turns to the Activation Lock screen. You will need to authorize it with both the Apple ID and password.


On an erased iPad, you will see the passcode screen instead of the Activation Lock screen. Here, prepare the original 4-digit/6-digit passcode to unlock iPad first.

Step 2. Then a two-factor authentication code will be sent to the original device owner's device. When you get the code from he/she, enter to complete the authorization.

Step 3. When you successfully enter the iPad, it means that the activation lock is removed. Now you can disable the old Apple ID and create a new one or use your own account to log in again.

iPad Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with Password

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPad Using DNS

Another tricky way working to bypass iCloud activation lock on iPad and help access the device again is by using DNS (Domain Name System). While setting up iPad, simply alter the DNS server settings, then the activation lock will be disabled in a jiffy. The instructions are shown as follow:

Step 1. Restart iPad to proceed with the setup process.

Step 2. When it turns to Wi-Fi setting screen, tap the i symbol to open More Wi-Fi Settings.

Step 3. Now, click on the i button once again and fill in the DNS information. You can copy and paste the corresponding one based on the location you are staying at:

  • Asia:
  • North America/USA: 104.154.517
  • South America:
  • Europe:
  • Other countries:

Step 4. When the DNS setting is altered, save the change and back to connect with a Wi-Fi network. Then you will see the device successfully get through the activation lock and is now accessible to use as normal.

Bypass Activation Lock on iPad DNS

Bypass iPad Activation Lock with the Help of Apple Support

If you are afraid of resulting in any manipulation errors to process the iPad activation lock removal by yourself, you can also turn to Apple support to help you out of this trouble. However, it is noted that Apple will ask you about certain certifications before offering you assistance, like the original receipt or any certification documentation proving that you are the actual owner of the iPad device.

However, Apple Support can't guarantee 100% success helping you resolve the problem. Sometimes it can be hard to reach an Apple employee to get assistance from the team.


Don't be concerned when you find your newly-purchased second-hand iPad has to be activated with the iCloud activation lock. Even if you don't have the Apple ID and password, you still get a workable solution, like Passvers iPhone Unlocker to figure it out. Next, you only need to select the appropriate method to bypass iCloud activation lock and access your iPad once again!

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