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You bought a budget second-hand iPad and find it's linked to the previous owner's Apple ID.

If that's what happened to you and you come here, that's really a pity. Without the correct password, it is difficult to bypass Activation Lock on iPad. To help you activate your iPad, this post has collected the 4 best solutions on how to bypass activation lock on iPad and get you out of this trouble.

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Bypass Activation Lock on iPad

iPad Activation Lock: What Is It?

Activation lock is a feature of the Find My function, which can prevent others from taking away your iPad/iPhone and reactivating it without asking your permission. Once the device is reset, the activation lock screen will occur. Without entering the Apple ID and password, the device will not be able to activate.

iPad Activation Lock

iPad Activation lock brings both pros and cons:


  • Safeguard iPad data and personal information by preventing others from accessing them.
  • Prevent the risk of privacy disclosure from happening when your iPad is stolen or lost.
  • Stop others from using your iPad without asking your permission.


  • You will fail to access your own devices when you forget the passwords.
  • Unavailable to activate when purchasing a second-hand device and fail to contact the original owner.
  • It causes great inconvenience to reset or do device maintenance after applying activation lock protection.

Bypass Activation Lock on iPad with Unlocking Tool

When you get an iPad with Activation Lock, don't overly worry about it. Passvers iPhone Unlocker can be a great helper. It is an exceptional solution to bypass activation lock with minimal effort.

Passvers is designed with an intuitive interface and straightforward functionality, providing clear guidance for novices to bypass activation lock on iPad with a computer. In addition, Passvers iPhone Unlocker employs advanced decoding techniques, ensuring a 95% success rate in Activation Lock removal without Apple ID and password. Plus, Passvers is 100% clean and safe to use.

Now, let's step into the manipulation guide to see how to remove activation lock on iPad without Apple ID and password using Passvers iPhone Unlocker.

Step 1. Run Passvers iPhone Unlocker on your computer. Select Bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

Step 2. Connect your iPad to the computer using a USB cable. Follow the on-screen guide to jailbreak the iPad if you haven't done it before.


Step 3. Click Start Bypassing Activation and Passvers iPhone Unlocker will bypass iCloud activation lock on your iPad without Apple ID or password at all!

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How to Unlock iPad Without Password

Bypass Activation Lock on iPad Using iCloud

If you have legally purchased an iPad with Activation Lock, you can contact the previous owner of this locked iPad, and ask him/her to have the device removed from his/her Apple ID on iCloud.com. This way, you can bypass the Activation Lock on iPad.

Here are the steps for removing a device from Apple ID on iCloud:

  1. Visit iCloud.com and sign in with Apple ID.
  2. Go to Find My > All Devices, select the sold iPad.
  3. Click Remove from Account > Remove.

Remove iPad from Account


Before purchasing a second-hand iPad, you'd better ask the previous owner to remove the iPad from his/her account, in order to avoid encountering Activation Lock.

Bypass iPad Activation Lock by Asking Apple Support

If you are afraid of resulting in any manipulation errors when you try to bypass activation lock on iPad, you can also turn to Apple support and remove the lock with official help. You may either start an online Apple Support request or go to the Genius Bar in an Apple Store. They offer a service for removing the activation lock.

However, it is noted that Apple will ask you about certain certifications before offering you assistance, like the original receipt proving that you are the actual owner of the iPad. So if you buy a second-hand iPad on eBay or other platforms, this method may not work. You should turn to Passvers as mentioned before.


Bypass Activation Lock on iPad Under MDM

There's one last method if your iPad is not a second-hand one but a supervised device issued by your company or school. In such cases, removing the Activation Lock can be simplified. You can directly contact your MDM administrator, and there are two ways to bypass Activation Lock on iPad under MDM:

  1. Ask the MDM administrator to get a bypass code to remove the Activation Lock. By entering the bypass code, you can remove the Activation Lock.
  2. Ask the MDM administrator to remotely wipe the activation lock for your iPad on the MDM server.


Don't be too worried when you have got an iPad with an Activation Lock screen. You have got 4 officially proven methods to deal with the problem as long as you own this deivce legally. Among all methods, Passvers iPhone Unlocker is the easiest one to help you bypass Activation Lock on iPad without the previous owner. By the way, to avoid this problem from happening again, it's never too careful to pay attention when you consider buying a second-hand device.

FAQs about Bypassing Activation Lock on iPad

Is it legal to bypass Activation Lock?

Bypassing Activation Lock without proper authorization is against Apple's terms of service. However, if you are the legitimate owner of the device or have the necessary permissions, it is legal to bypass Activation Lock.

What should I do if I purchase a second-hand iPad with Activation Lock?

If you buy a used iPad with Activation Lock enabled, contact the seller to remove the device from their Apple ID. Ensure that you have proof of purchase for assistance from Apple Support.

Is it possible to bypass Activation Lock on iPad without password?

In most cases, you need the linked Apple ID and password to bypass Activation Lock, since Apple has designed this security feature to prevent unauthorized access to devices. However, there are also some third-party software options like Passvers iPhone Unlocker that can help you bypass Activation Lock on iPad without password.

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