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In general, after five consecutive incorrect attempts to enter the screen passcode, a notification of iPhone Unavailable will appear when attempting again. However, sometimes you may encounter an iPhone unavailable with no timer. In this case, the screen is black except for the "iPhone Unavailable" message.

Although this may make you feel helpless, there is no need to fret. Because the corresponding solutions are as simple as fixing issues like an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo or a frozen iPhone. To make them easier for you, this post has collected 3 workable methods to fix iPhone unavailable no timer with or without a computer. Now, scroll down and explore!

Fix iPhone Unavailable No Timer

Why is My iPhone Unavailable with No Timer?

Referring to the three images below, you can observe that under normal circumstances, the iPhone Unavailable screen has a countdown reminder for unlocking attempts, as well as emergency and forgot password buttons. However, iPhone unavailable no timer is either a pure black screen or only has the emergency button, which hinders passcode input and reset.

Generally speaking, the latter two situations may occur due to problems with the device settings, system, or hardware, much like the following.

  • The network settings on the iPhone are incorrect, with neither WiFi enabled nor a suitable SIM card inserted;
  • Not upgrading iOS to the latest version for an extended period leads to unknown bugs in the device system;
  • Internal hardware is damaged owing to inadequate repair or replacement of iPhone screens and other parts.

But regardless of the cause behind your iPhone unavailable no timer, the following three solutions are effective. Please read on to obtain detailed step-by-step instructions.


If your iPhone can still connect to iTunes or Finder, it is recommended to do so to back it up. Alternatively, ensure there is a backup on your computer for data retrieval once the iPhone is back to normal. This is crucial because the following three methods are potent enough so that data will also be gone with iPhone unavailable black screen.

Fix 1. Unlock the Unavailable iPhone with Passvers [Easy]

In essence, the issue of iPhone Unavailable no timer indicates that your device has difficulty unlocking the screen with the passcode. Therefore, the easiest and most effective solution is to turn to a reliable unlocking tool for help.

Passvers iPhone Unlocker is a dedicated tool for unlocking iPhone screens you can count on. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, this cutting-edge program can handle various screen lock types, including 4/6-digit passcodes, Touch ID, or Face ID. And not just the iPhone, it can also unlock almost the entire series of iPad and iPod.

Better yet, Passvers iPhone Unlocker goes beyond screen locks. Other security measures like Apple ID, iCloud Activation Lock, MDM, and iTunes Backup Encryption Password are all easy to bypass, and in many cases, it doesn't require Apple ID and won't erase the device data.

More Sparkling Features of Passvers iPhone Unlocker

  • Compatible with all models of iPhones and all iOS versions;
  • Intuitive to use with explanatory instructions on key steps;
  • Able to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes or Finder's assistance;
  • Remove various security locks permanently for further resetting;
  • 100% clean and safe with no risk of personal privacy leakage.

In addition to these advantages, the operation of Passvers iPhone Unlocker is extremely simple, requiring only three steps to restore your iPhone to normal. Refer to the following steps and give it a try.

Step 1. Choose Wipe Passcode

Install Passvers iPhone Unlocker by tapping the button below, and launch it on your computer first. Then select "Wipe Passcode" from the main interface. 

Step 2. Download Firmware Package

Click "Start", and link your black-screen iPhone to it. Once connected, make sure the on-screen device information is right and hit the "Start" button to download firmware.

Step 3. Fix iPhone Unavailable No Timer

Type "0000" to confirm the following unlocking process after firmware is downloaded. With no more operations, just wait for a while and your iPhone will get out of the black screen with no timer.

💡 Tips:

  1. If Find My is enabled, you will need to log in to Apple ID to reset the device.
  2. After successful repair, the iOS version will be upgraded to the latest one.

Fix 2. DFU Restore iPhone with iTunes/Finder [Complex]

💡 Important:

DFU steps vary depending on the iPhone model and your phone screen goes completely black after successfully entering DFU mode, making it challenging to navigate. For a more straightforward solution, it is recommended to use Passvers iPhone Unlocker instead.

DFU, or Device Firmware Update, is a professional means of troubleshooting and restoring your iPhone. This method essentially puts your iPhone into a state where it can be directly programmed through iTunes or Finder, bypassing the usual operating system startup process. In solving tricky issues like iPhone Unavailable no timer, it will reload the device's software and firmware. To make it easier for you to understand and use this method, the following will take iPhone 8 and later models as an example.

Step 1. Make sure iTunes and Finder are the latest and connect your iPhone to one of them;

Step 2. Quickly press the "Volume Up" button and do the same to "Volume Down".

Step 3. Press and hold the "Side" button until the screen turns black, then continue to hold down both the "Side" button and the "Volume Down" button.

Step 4. Release the side button after 5 seconds, but keep holding down the "Volume Down" button until your iPhone is detected by iTunes and Finder.

Step 5. Release "Volume Down". Now choose "Restore" to fix iPhone Unavailable no timer.

Restore iPhone to Fix iPhone Unavailable No Timer

Fix 3. Erase the iPhone via Find My [Without Computer]

In addition to the above two methods, the FindMy feature on the iCloud site is also feasible to solve iPhone Unavailable black screen. This method recovers your iPhone by locating the device in the cloud and erasing all the content stored on it, including the screen password. It can be operated without a computer and is simpler than using iTunes or Finder, but a stable network is required. Here is how it works.

💡 Note:

If your iPhone has a black screen with no timer due to software or hardware, then FindMy is not suitable. Because it only clears the data, and does not fix the system or firmware. Therefore, you may as well download Passvers iPhone Unlocker as an alternative in case this method fails.

Step 1. Visit iCloud.com and log in to the Apple ID associated with the unavailable iPhone;

Step 2. Navigate to "Find Devices" > "All Devices". Then select the unavailable one;

Step 3. Select "Erase This Device", and your iPhone screen passcode and other data will be erased.

Fix iPhone Unavailable No Timer With FindMy

Final Words

In summary, when encountering iPhone Unavailable no timer, you can use three methods to resolve the issue: Passvers iPhone Unlocker, DFU, and FindMy.  Among them, Passvers iPhone Unlocker is the most recommended. It is as simple as FindMy, and has all the professionalism of DFU mode. Besides, with Passvers in hand, any security lock is not a problem. Feel free to download and give it a try.

However, since the iPhone is not only a communication tool now, it is also a filing cabinet, photo wall, and even a mobile bank. Therefore, if the above methods don't work, go to a nearby Apple-authorized service store for repairs to ensure that the data in the device can still be accessed and exported.

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