Passvers iPhone Unlocker Review [In-Depth 2023]

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Nowadays, we're required to set up all types of passwords for security. However, it sometimes turns out to be a headache if you forget the passcode. Given that you forget the password to your Apple ID, you may be unable to log out or download apps from the App Store. Or, you cannot access your own iPhone if you forget the passcode to the screen lock. Meanwhile, your iPhone will be disabled if you cannot make it through the iCloud activation lock.


There are quite a lot of iOS users looking for online help to solve problems like the cases above, because Apple's Genius Bar will turn you down for any reason. However, don't be frustrated and leave your iPhone/iPad useless. Luckily, we found Passvers iPhone Unlocker, an expert at resolving all kinds of screen lock problems for iOS devices. Now, let's get down to this in-depth review and see whether it's worth your shot.

What is Passvers iPhone Unlocker?

Passvers iPhone Unlocker is professional and universal unlocking software for iPhone, iPad, and iPod with the world's leading decryption technology. It has gained a reputation for getting people out of trouble with a locked device. Also, Passvers iPhone Unlocker has been recommended by tech giants for its remarkable unlocking technology. To see whether your device is supported, you may want to check out the following chart.
Supported Systems Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
Mac OS X 10.7 or above (macOS Big Sur/macOS Monterey)
Supported Devices iPhone 4 and above (iPhone 14 included)
All models of iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad
iPod Touch 1-7
iOS Versions iOS 16 and former versions

What Can Passvers iPhone Unlocker Do for You?

Passvers iPhone Unlocker provides you with 4 excellent solutions for all types of annoying locked cases. Better yet, it requires no prior knowledge of expertise and presents detailed tutorials for each solution to ensure a clear and smooth user experience. Now, let's take a look at the 4 solutions below.

Decrypt All Types of Screen Lock

The most common trouble is being locked out of the screen lock. You may forget the passcode of a long unused iPhone, or get a used but locked iPhone at a decent price. Some may get the iPhone disabled due to trying incorrect passcodes, others may be unable to access their own devices because of a broken screen.


However, these cases are all a piece of cake for Passvers iPhone Unlocker. It works for all kinds of screen lock types including 4-digit passcode, 6-digit passcode, Touch ID, and Face ID. Whatever the reason it is why you want to access a locked iPhone/iPad/iPod, this superb unlocking software works like a charm.


Remove Apple ID without Password

Thanks to the convenience of Face ID and Touch ID, you don't need to type in the password to download apps every time, or to make a purchase. However, that might let you forget the password to your Apple ID, causing inconvenience out of convenience.


In this case, you may be unable to log out of your account on iPhone. In the meantime, the official Apple support is helpless, but Passvers iPhone Unlocker will always be here to help you out. It makes it possible to remove an Apple ID even without a password.


Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Due to some reason, your iPhone may be disabled by the Activation Lock, which will require you to log in to iCloud on the web and remove the device from the owner's Apple ID account. However, if you cannot bypass the iCloud activation lock, the device may probably have to be left unused and covered in dust.


If you can prove that you're the owner, you can then look for help in local Apple stores. Or, you can turn to the professional removal service provided by Passvers iPhone Unlocker and easily access your iPhone without any data loss.


Wipe Screen Time Passcode

Setting up a Screen Time passcode was meant to reduce time using iPhone and get used to a healthy route. However, if you forget the passcode, it can prevent you from using iPhone for good. Also, if you're locked out of the Screen Time shared by your family, you can utilize Passvers iPhone Unlocker to easily remove the Screen Time lock, safe and sound.


What Makes Passvers iPhone Unlocker Stand out?

If you're unfamiliar with unlocking software, it may take effort and time for you to pick your best. Here let's see how to choose the best iPhone unlocker. First of all, workable solutions for the types of locked screens. Secondly, efficiency in terms of operations, success rate, unlocking speed, etc. Finally, security of privacy and data. Regarding all these, Passvers iPhone Unlocker stands out from its counterparts. You may want to see whether it lives up to your expectations as follows.

Foolproof to Use with Ease

Passvers iPhone Unlocker attaches great importance to its simplicity and practicality while keeping its advanced and professional unlocking service. As mentioned ahead, its 4 solutions offer clear and detailed instructions in the process, so it cannot be easier to get started, even for newbies. The screenshots of its user interface are here for your reference.

Unlock iPhone In a Flash

The developers have dedicated themselves to decrypting and removing the barriers of all types of locked screens on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Also, they ensure that Passvers iPhone Unlocker keeps up with the latest version of iOS and models. With its edge-cutting unlocking software, it takes no time to unlock your device after the firmware is downloaded.

Super High Success Rate

Success rate must be the vital criterion to pick suitable unlocking software. That is exactly why Passvers iPhone Unlocker outperforms other unlocking software. This unlocking expert is famous for his super high success rate in unlocking iOS devices. No matter what kind of locked screen it is, Passvers iPhone Unlocker makes it possible to access your device again.

100% Safe and Clean

As for security, you don't even have to worry about it. Passvers iPhone Unlocker will only connect to the internet when it needs to download related firmware to fix the problem. It doesn't go any deeper into your device at all, let alone access your data. Therefore, it's 100% safe and clean to use.

Plans and Pricing of Passvers iPhone Unlocker

There is no free lunch, especially for the locked screen problem that Apple cannot solve. Passvers iPhone Unlocker offers a remarkable unlocking service at a decent price with optional plans. The pricing is the same for both Windows and Mac. It also guarantees a 30-day refund service to let you try it out with no worries.
One-Month License One-Year License Lifetime License
Price 29.95 USD 39.95 USD 69.95 USD
Desktop 1 Computer 1 Computer 1 Computer
iOS Devices 6 Devices 6 Devices 6 Devices
Nothing is perfect, and so is Passvers iPhone Unlocker. It'll have to reset your iPhone under some circumstances when it comes to removing the screen lock or Apple ID account. If your iPhone is running iOS 11.4 and above, or turning on the Find My feature, it will need to download the latest firmware to reset all settings and data so as to ensure a high success rate. Thankfully, it doesn't wipe out your data if you want to remove iCloud Activation Lock or Screen Time lock.

Passvers iPhone Unlocker is easy to use for anyone and helps you get rid of the locked screen on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. Better yet, you can use 4 solutions at the same time while other unlocking software charges for individual solutions. If you give a shot at Passvers iPhone Unlocker, you'll be amazed at its unlocking technology.

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