iPhone Unavailable on Lock Screen? Fix It with 4 Ways (2023)

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"iPhone unavailable" must be one of the prompts that you don't want to see the most on your iPhone screen, for it usually comes with the situation that you forgot your iPhone passcode and can not access your iPhone. When neither of your 4/6-digit passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID can help you unlock your iPhone, what can you do to fix the iPhone unavailable problem? Learn about 4 methods in this article.

What Does "iPhone Unavailable" Mean?

When you see the prompt iPhone unavailable / iPhone is disabled, you have entered the wrong passcode at least 5 times. It will be shown with a timer telling you to try again after some time. For example, when you fail to enter the correct passcode 5 times, your iPhone will be locked up for 1 minute. The maximum number of wrong attempts will be 10. If you have entered the wrong passcode 10 times, the "Connect to iTunes" or Security Lockout screen appears, and you can no longer unlock your iPhone via a passcode. All you can do is factory reset or erase your iPhone.


Noted that both iPhone Unavailable and iPhone is disabled means that your iPhone is locked up. The iPhone Unavailable prompt is available for iOS 15 and later versions, while the iPhone is disabled prompt is for iOS 15 or previous iOS versions.

Fix iPhone Unavailable By Tapping Erase iPhone Directly (iOS 15.2 or Later)

As per the above introduction, if you enter the wrong passcode 10 times, your iPhone will be locked up. If you are using a device iniOS 15.2 or later, you can see the Erase iPhone option when the Security Lockout screen appears. Then you can unlock your iPhone using your Apple ID and password via the Erase iPhone function.


Step 1. Tap Erase iPhone twice to confirm your operation.


Step 2. Sign out of your Apple ID by filling in your Apple ID password.


Step 3. Confirm to erase your iPhone, all your data and settings will be removed.


Step 4. Your iPhone will restart and you need to set up your iPhone again. Follow the instructions. You can set a new passcode now.


Step 5. If you have previously backed up your data, you can restore your data.


  • Your iPhone must be connected to an available network. Do not restart your iPhone once you have seen the Security Lockout screen. Otherwise,  your iPhone may not be able to reconnect to an available network once you restart it.
  • You need to activate the Find My function before.

Fix iPhone Unavailable Using Passvers iPhone Unlocker

Easy though using the Security Lockout feature is, if your iPhone cannot connect to a stable network or there are other errors, you may not be able to unlock your iPhone successfully. To keep things easy, you can turn to use a third-party unlocking software program to solve the iPhone Unavailable problem.


Passvers iPhone Unlocker can remove iPhone Screen Lock with easy operations. You don't need to manually enter the iPhone recovery mode to unlock your iPhone. Even when your iPhone doesn't have internet access, you can unlock it via the unlocker easily.

Moreover, in addition to removing Screen Lock, the unlocker is applicable for removing Apple ID, Screen Time passcode, and iCloud activation lock with simple operations.


As for compatibility, Passvers iPhone Unlocker suits most iOS devices, including iPhone/iPad/iPod; it is available to most iPhone models, including the updated iOS 16, and is compatible with Windows PC and Macs.

Here is a simple operation guide:


Step 1. Launch the software and connect it to your iPhone


At the main interface, tap Wipe Passcode and click Start. Follow the onscreen instructions to connect the unlocker to your locked iPhone.


Step 2. Confirm the iPhone information and download a Firmware Package

Check the information, including your device model and iOS version before continuing the process. Once confirmed, click Start and the Firmware Package will begin to download.


Step 3. Final confirmation and begin to unlock your iPhone

After the Firmware Package is successfully downloaded, you can again confirm the unlocking process. Enter 0000 and tap Unlock.


Step 4. Wait till the unlocking process is finished.

When the process is finished, you can set up your iPhone again and enter a new passcode. If you have backed up your personal data, you can restore it after you finish the basic settings.


  • As mentioned, all personal data will be removed once you begin to unlock your iPhone via the Passvers iPhone Unlocker. Please always remember to back up important data on your phone, in case you need to erase it unexpectedly.
  • You need to remember your Apple ID and password if you have enabled the Find My function

Fix iPhone Unavailable With iTunes Using Recovery Mode

If you have a computer at hand, you can solve the iPhone Unavailable problem via iTunes (or Finder for Mac). Enter your iPhone into recovery mode, and you will be able to use iTunes to detect and fix the disabled iPhone.


Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer with a compatible cable

Make sure that iTunes has been installed on your computer (both Windows PC and Macs are applicable). Connect your iPhone to the PC with a cable.


Step 2. Turn off the iPhone

First, you need to unplug the iPhone from your PC once it is already connected. Then, turn off your iPhone. If you don't know how to turn off your iPhone, check it out here:


The turn-off method differs among different iPhone models.


Step 3. Get into Recovery Mode


Also, how to enter recovery mode depends on your iPhone model. Check here:


Find how to enter recovery mode before you restart your iPhone. Then press it and hold on until your iPhone enters Recovery Mode. If you fail to enter Recovery Mode, just restart your iPhone again until you successfully get into Recovery Mode.


Step 4. Restore your iPhone

Once your iTunes detects the paired iPhone is already under Recovery Mode, you can see a prompt telling you "There is a problem with the iPhone..." Choose Restore.

Restore iPhone Recovery Mode Finder


  • The Finder application installed on your Mac can also help you to erase the iPhone.
  • All personal data will be removed

Fix iPhone Unavailable With Find My

iCloud can also help you unlock your iPhone with the remote erasing feature in Find My iPhone. If you have enabled the Find My function, and your phone is connected to a stable cellular or Wi-Fi network, this method will be workable for you.


Step 1. Locate the FInd My feature in iCloud.

Log in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password, then locate "Find My iPhone" on the main interface.

Choose Find iPhone iCloud

Step 2. Find your locked iPhone on iCloud and erase it.

From "All Devices", you will be able to find your unavailable iPhone. Select this locked device, and click Erase iPhone to wipe all data along with the passcode. After that, you will successfully access your iPhone again.

Choose Find iPhone iCloud


  • You need to remember your Apple ID and password.
  • Once you restore your iPhone, all data will be deleted.

Don't worry when you forget the passcode. Apple provides good solutions for unlocking your iPhone via iTunes/iCloud/Security Lockout screen. If you are looking for a simple way to unlock your disabled iPhone, use the Passvers iPhone Unlocker. It removes the Screen Lock passcode with easy operations and is applicable for most iOS versions and iPhone models. However, once you choose to erase your iPhone, all personal data will be deleted. So back up your personal data regularly.

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