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"This iPhone is supervised by another computer and cannot be used with this computer." This warning especially pops up when you are using a second-hand iPhone/iPad. If your iOS device is stuck in this situation and you are looking for solutions to remove iPhone/iPad supervision, scroll down and read this post. Here we will introduce you to 4 proven methods for removing iPhone supervision, which help you to regain full control of your iOS device.

How to Check If iOS Device is Supervised

If you saw the prompts telling you that the iPhone is supervised by another computer, probably your iPhone has been administered by a school or a company before. For security issues, and also to make sure that the distributed devices are used properly, organizations, like schools and companies, will set up a Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile on the iOS devices, and then they can remotely supervise and control these devices. The MDM feature can limit and even ban certain functions and applications on the devices.

So, how to check if your iOS device is supervised? Simply open Settings on your iPhone, and if your iPhone is supervised by another computer, the reminder will be shown at the top of the Settings page. If you want to figure out exactly what functions are limited, open General and locate the VPN & Device Management, and then you can find the detailed description of MDM restrictions.

4 Fixes to Remove Device Supervision from iPhone/iPad

If you are looking for the answers to how to remove supervision from iPhone and iPad, you've come to the right place. We will present 4 fixes to remove Apple device supervision in this part. Scroll down and find the solution that suits you most.

Fix 1. Remove Supervision Using iOS Unlocker Tool

Given the technical expertise required to remove supervision from an iPhone or iPad, it is not very practical to manually remove it yourselves. In this situation, a reliable third-party iOS tool becomes especially important.

Passvers iPhone Unlocker can be the vertical MDM removal tool you can look to. Smoothly compatible with Windows and Mac, this full-fledged program can offer you a one-stop service to remove your iPhone or iPad supervision without any other assistance. Better yet, Passvers can lead you to an MDM-free iOS device within the simplest steps!

⭐More marvelous features of Passvers iPhone Unlocker can explore:

  • Remove supervision on both functioning and disabled iPhones/iPads.
  • Support MDM removal even if you don't have the device password.
  • Serve to remove MDM, Screen Lock, Apple ID, and Screen Time passcode in a one-click operation.
  • Suits most iOS models, including the coming iOS 17, and works perfectly on both Windows PC and Mac.
  • Ensure data integrity and secure your privacy during the unlocking process.

The Passvers iPhone Unlocker can finish the MDM removal process within a few steps. It is user-friendly and you can master it the first time you use it.

👍Remove MDM from a Normal iPhone/iPad

If your iPhone/iPad is in normal use, you can remove MDM even if you don't have an Apple ID account and password with Passvers iPhone Unlocker. Just follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Download, install, and launch Passvers iPhone Unlocker. Choose "Remove MDM" > "Work Properly". Connect the iPad to the computer via a cable.

Step 2. Press Start. Check if the Find My function is turned off. The suggestion is to turn off the Find My feature, which can allow you to remove iPhone and iPad supervision without Apple ID and password.

iPhone Unlocker Check Find My iPhone

Step 3. Just wait for the removal process to be finished. Your iPhone/iPad will automatically restart when the process is done. Tap OK to finish the program. Your iOS device is no longer supervised by any computer now.

👍Remove Remote Management from a Disabled iPad

If your iPhone/iPhone is locked and disabled already, the Passvers iPhone Unlocker still can help. Check the removal process below:

Step 1. Download, install, and launch Passvers iPhone Unlocker. Choose "Remove MDM" > "Work Properly". Connect the iPad to the computer via a cable.

Step 2. Put your iPhone/iPad into Recovery Mode following the on-screen instruction.

Access Recovery Mode

Step 3. Click to expand the pull-down menu and select the corresponding device information with your iPad. Match the Device Category, Type, and Model. Press the Start button to download the necessary firmware package.

Step 4. Press the "Device Activated" button when the firmware package is downloaded and installed. Click Got it if you see a reminder note. When the device screen shows the "Hello" interface, manually activate your iPhone/iPad to finish the removal process.


Don't forget to back up your disabled iPhone/iPad data before removing MDM, because all data will be erased during the MDM removal process.

Fix 2. Factory Reset the iPhone/iPad

If your iPhone or iPad is in normal use, you can probably try to remove MDM restrictions via the Factory Reset function. This is one of the most useful MDM removal ways to remove remote management from others. But this method requires you to know the exact Apple ID account and password of your iPhone/iPad. Take your iPhone as an example. Try the following instructions:

Step 1. Go to "Settings" > "General" on your iPhone.

Step 2. Scroll down to find the "Transfer or Reset iPhone".

Step 3. Press "Reset" and choose "Erase All Content and Settings".

Factory Reset the iPhone to Remove MDM

Step 4. Enter the Apple ID password, and confirm it. Then you can remove iPhone or iPad supervision and erase all your data.

Your iPhone will finish factory resetting accordingly. Try to connect your iPhone to your computer again to see if the "this iPhone is supervised by another computer" error shows up again.


  • The factory reset program will erase all data stored on your iPhone. Back them up before you choose to reset your iPhone.
  • When it is disabled already, you may as well try to make use of Passvers iPhone Unlocker.

Fix 3. Erase iPhone/iPad via Apple Configurator

Apple Configurator is an application that you can only install on Mac OS. It can help you get rid of iOS supervised mode. Schools/companies usually use the Apple Configurator app to configure provided iPhones and set up MDM restrictions and supervision. So, it works if you want to remove Apple device supervision, too. Note that this method will also erase all data stored on your iOS device. To remove iPhone supervision, follow the instructions:

Step 1. Install and launch the "Apple Configurator" on your Mac.

Step 2. Connect the MDM-restricted iPhone to a Mac using a USB cable.

Step 3. Once connected, you can find your iPhone device on the Apple Configurator homepage.

Step 4. Go to "Actions" > "Advanced" and choose "Erase All Content and Settings".

Remove MDM via Apple Configurator


This method needs to be the administrator or to have administrator permission unless you cannot remove your iPhone supervision successfully. Thus, try to contact the Administrator first or use a third-party tool, like Passvers iPhone Unlocker, to bypass MDM without an administrator account instead.

Fix 4. Ask for School/Business Manager

If you can contact the Administrator and ask for help, the Administrator can remove your iPhone from their supervision list in person, which will be the most straightforward method. Or, if they can disclose the MDM passcode, you can also remove iPhone restrictions manually with ease. To check the specific manual steps, you can refer to the steps below.

Step 1. Go to "Settings" > "General" > "VPN & Device Management" on your supervised iPhone and iPad.

Step 2. Locate "Remove Management".

Step 3. Tap "Remove Management", and enter MDM configuration password if you know.

Remove Management

FAQs About iPhone/iPad Supervised by Another Computer

What Does It Mean if My iPhone/iPad is Supervised?

If your iPhone/iPad is issued by a school or company, they probably implement an MDM restriction on it. It is for security's sake, and to boost productivity.

This iOS-supported MDM can remotely monitor your iPhone/iPad and limit or ban certain functions. The administrator can monitor the location of the Apple device, block specific WiFi networks, and lock some functions, including changing the wallpaper on your iPhone/iPad. But your administrator can not get access to your browsing history and communications history.

How to Recover iPhone/iPad After Successful Supervision Removal?

If your iOS device is in normal use, the MDM removal process will not affect data and files stored on your iPhone. Of course, you can still back your data up to iCloud. Then, once the MDM restriction is removed, you can sync the backup data.

If your device is disabled, your iPhone/iPad is under recovery mode when removing MDM. All data will be erased. You can back the data up to iTunes in advance. Once your device is no longer under supervision, you can get the data back from iTunes.


It is important to fully control your own iOS device. How to remove MDM from your iPhone/iPad? This post has presented 4 proven methods to help you break away from iOS-supervised mode. Among all, the Passvers iPhone Unlocker will be our best recommendation. It provides a one-stop iOS unlock service, and can easily remove MDM whether your iPhone/iPad is in normal use or is already disabled. Free download and try the professional Passvers iPhone Unlocker!

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