Face ID is Apple's facial recognition technology applied to iPhone and iPad, replacing Touch ID as the major way to unlock the iOS device's screen. Face ID has employed the state-of-the-art TrueDepth camera system with advanced technologies to accurately map the geometry of the user’s face, which makes the iPhone and iPad more secure and convenient to unlock with a simple glance.

Face ID automatically adapts to changes in your appearance, such as wearing cosmetic makeup or growing facial hair. However, this feature occasionally doesn't work for various reasons. Face ID may fail to recognize your face:

  • If there is a great significant change in your appearance, like having plastic surgery or wearing sunglasses.
  • If you replace your iPhone screen with one that is not authorized by Apple.
  • If you get too close to the camera or hold the iPhone too high.
  • If you drop your iPhone into the water accidentally.
  • If there is a system wrong on your device.

So, as you can see, there are many reasons that may cause the unavailability of Face ID, and their solutions are different. If now the Face ID doesn't work on your iPhone or iPad, no worries. This article will provide a couple of options for you, which include 6 basic checks and one handy and efficient third-party tool to unlock iPhone without Face ID. Let’s dive into the details of these 7 best solutions for dealing with the Face ID problem.

Solution 1. Check Face ID Settings

If you can’t use the Face ID to unlock your iPhone or iPad, check Face ID settings first. Make sure that your face is enrolled successfully and the features you’re trying to use Face ID with are turned on. This is a basic check you can try before any complicated operation. It is usually done during the initial setup process. The detailed steps are as follows.

Step 1. Navigate to the Settings app. Scroll down and choose "Face ID & Passcode".

Step 2. Enter your passcode and check whether you’ve set up Face ID successfully.


Solution 2. Check If Third-party Apps Enable Face ID

Some third-party apps require Face ID to log in or authorize payments. If you’ve denied the Face ID permission, Face ID is unavailable and you need to enter a passcode every time instead. Therefore, if the Face ID is available to unlock the screen, but failed in a specific program, you can check whether this software has enabled Face ID permission or not. Go and follow the steps here.

Step 1. Go to the Settings app. Scroll down to the bottom and find the app you want to check.

Step 2. Tap the app and check whether the Face ID button is on.

In addition, you can also check all apps that have requested to use Face ID for authentication in Face ID & Passcode > Other Apps.


Solution 3. Hold iPhone in the Correct Direction When Using Face ID

If you don’t hold the iPhone in the correct direction, Face ID is also not available. It should be noted that Face ID works in portrait and landscape orientation on iPhones running iOS 16. But for the earlier models, Face ID only works when it’s in portrait orientation.

What’s more, Face ID works best when the device is arm's length or less from your face (25-50 cm away from your face). Therefore, try to adjust your posture, face the TureDepth camera in the correct direction, and try again.

Solution 4. Add an Alternative to Face ID

As I mentioned previously, Face ID can adapt to changes automatically in your appearance. But if you suddenly shave a full beard, change your hairstyle, or wear cosmetic makeup that looks vastly different, Face ID may not recognize you. In this case, you can set up an alternate appearance.

Step 1. Open the Settings app and go to "Face ID & Passcode".

Step 2. Enter the passcode and tap "Set up an Alternate Appearance".

Step 3. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to capture an infrared image of your face.


Solution 5. Update & Restart iPhone

When something goes wrong with your iPhone, restarting it can solve most of the problems. So if Face ID is still not available, you can turn off the iPhone and then restart it one minute later. After you restart it, you need to enter the passcode to unlock the screen for the first time. Then, try using Face ID again.

What’s more, updates can also fix some bugs and help you avoid many unnecessary errors. So, when Face ID doesn't work, try updating your device to the latest version of iOS. If there is an update available, you can:

Step 1. Open the Settings app and go to General.

Step 2. Tap Software Update. And click "Download and Install" and tap "Install" to start the update.


Solution 6. Reset All Settings

If you’ve tried the solutions above, but the problem remains, the last but not least check is to reset all Face ID settings.

Step 1. Open Settings and tap "Face ID & Passcode".

Step 2. Enter your passcode. Then tap "Reset Face ID" at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3. Then, enroll your face again.

The above six methods are all basic checks. They can help you out in some urgent cases. However, they can’t guarantee a successful Face ID fix in some complicated situations. If none of the above methods work to deal with your Face ID problem, here is the best solution.

Solution 7. Unlock iPhone 13/12/11/XR Without Face ID or Other Passcode

Using third-party software to unlock greatly increases the success rate and saves your time by not having to try other methods one by one. If your Face ID doesn't work or you can't unlock your iPhone, you can try Passvers iPhone Unlocker, which is reliable and professional unlocking software that can drag you out of the tricky situation effortlessly.

It can unlock your iPhone or iPad with a high success rate while easy to use. There is no technical knowledge required to operate the app, so, you can finish the unlocking process at home by yourself. In addition, Passvers iPhone Unlocker is safe to use as your data will not be extracted and accessible. What’s more, the software is applicable to a broad model of iPhone, including the iPhone 14 and all models of iPad. It highlights:

  • Unlock the Screen Time passcode, remove Apple ID, and bypass Activation Lock with simple clicks.
  • Unlock iPhone in any situation such as a broken screen, disabled iPhone, or forgetting the screen passcode.
  • Remove screen passcode in all types including 4/6-digit passcode and Face/Touch ID.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  • The latest iOS 16 is also supported.

How to Unlock iPhone 13/12/11/XR Without Face ID or Other Passcode

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer

Download and run Passvers iPhone Unlocker. The software will be operated in different forms depending on the iOS version. Connect the iPhone to the computer with a USB. Then, click "Start".


Step 2. Download the firmware package

After the connection is successful, the software will automatically identify your device and the model information will be displayed on the screen. Confirm it and click "Start" to download the firmware package.


Step 3. Start to unlock the screen

The next step is to enter "0000" to start unlocking. After unlocking the iPhone, you can get into it again. Go to the Settings app and set up a new Face ID as the screen lock.

These are altogether 7 best ways to fix the Face ID not available on your iPhone and iPad. Using Passvers iPhone Unlocker is highly recommended as it can unlock the device's screen locked in various situations, as other methods always have some limitations. So, even if your Face ID doesn't work and you forget your screen password, this app is there to help you get access to the device again effortlessly.
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