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Face ID provides a secure and convenient way to authenticate and unlock iPhone/iPad. You can easily get access to your devices without taking off your mask or gloves. However, it may prompt that Face ID is Not Available, Try setting up Face ID later many times when you're going to unlock the device, authorize transactions, or log in to apps. No worries. Let's now take a look at why this happened and walk through 7 methods to troubleshoot the error here.

Why Is Face ID Not Available?

The TrueDepth camera system is a hardware component that consists of an infrared camera, a flood illuminator, a dot projector, and a proximity sensor. It can capture and analyze the user's face to create a detailed depth map and infrared image for Face ID to activate.

When Face ID is not available, it can be caused by reasons like:

  • Software Issues - iOS glitches occur if you've updated the software or changed some settings.
  • Hardware Issues - TrueDepth Camera is damaged if your iPhone crashed or your screen/battery was replaced.
  • Use Face ID Without Eye Contact - When you try to unlock iPhone Face ID while the owner is sleeping or not looking at the camera, it won't work for sure.

Face ID is Not Available iPhone X to 15

Solution 1. Force Restart

A force restart is the easiest way to get started. It will clear the current state of the operating system and restart all system processes. This can help resolve any temporary software issues that may be affecting the Face ID functionality. According to the models of iPhone/iPad, follow the instructions below.

  • iPhone X/11/12/13/14/15: Quickly press and release the Volume Up button and then the Volume Down button. Next, hold the Power button until the Apple logo shows up.
  • iPad Pro: Quickly press and release the Volume button nearest to the Power button followed by the farthest Volume button. Then, hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo.

Force Restart iPhone/iPad to Fix Face ID Not Available

Solution 2. Reset Face ID

Resetting Face ID essentially erases the stored facial data and requires you to set it up again. This can also clear any configuration issues or corrupted settings that may be causing the Face ID Not Available error. It's also an easy fix to try out.

  1. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode.
  2. Enter your passcode to proceed.
  3. Tap Reset Face ID and then tap Set up Face ID.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up a new one.

Reset Face ID to Fix Face ID Not Available

Solution 3. Reset Face ID without Password

Passvers iPhone Unlocker is a lifesaver with a great reputation if your Face ID is not available and you forget the passcode to access your iPhone/iPad. With its tip-top technology, it can easily remove any screen lock types including 4/6 digit passcodes, Touch ID, and Face ID. After that, you can regain access and set up your Face ID again.

⭐More Features to Explore ...

  • Ultrahigh Success Rate - Work like a charm to unlock iPhone/iPad.
  • User-friendly Interface - Provide easy-to-follow on-screen instructions.
  • Multiple Functions - Remove Screen Locks/Apple ID/iCloud Activation lock/MDM/Screen Time.
  • Great Compatibility - Support all models of iPhone & iPad, and all iOS versions.

Suitable for people of any skill level, it's easy to solve Face ID Not Available with Passvers.

STEP 1. Install and launch Passvers iPhone Unlocker on your Windows or Mac.

STEP 2. Choose Wide Passcode > Start and connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer.

STEP 3. Check for the device info and click Start to download the firmware.

STEP 4. Enter 0000 to go on and click Unlock to remove Face ID. Just be patient, your iPhone will be unlocked in a minute.


Note that it will erase all your data and upgrade iOS to the latest version.

Solution 4. Update iOS/iPadOS

iOS updates often include bug fixes and improvements to various system components, including Face ID. These updates can address software issues that may be causing the "Face ID Not Available" error. If your iPhone/iPad hasn't been updated for long, try the following.

  1. Go to Settings on iPhone/iPad.
  2. Choose General > Software Update.
  3. Tap Download and Install and wait until it's done.

Update iOS to Fix Face ID Not Available

Solution 5. Reset All Settings

Resetting all settings restores your iPhone/iPad to their default settings, and this doesn't wipe out any current data. This method can remove any potential misconfigurations that may lead to the "Face ID Not Available" error.

  1. Navigate to Settings on iPhone/iPad.
  2. Choose General > Transfer or Reset [Your Device].
  3. Tap Reset > Reset All Settings.

Reset All Settings to Fix Face ID Not Available

Solution 6. Restore Your iOS Device to Factory Settings

Though a factory restore would erase all data and settings, this is an effective way to eliminate any potential software-related issues that could trigger the error. This will reinstall your device with the latest compatible iOS/iPadOS version to replace any corrupted or damaged system files.

  1. Go to Settings on iPhone/iPad.
  2. Choose Erase All Content and Settings and tap Continue.
  3. Enter your passcode to confirm and start restoring.

Restore Your iOS Device to Factory Settings

Solution 7. Contact Apple Service

If you have tested the device using the above methods, no software issues have been found. And you recently have replaced hardware components (such as the screen or battery) or dropped your phone, it is possible that the TrueDepth Camera is damaged. If your iPhone/iPad is still under warranty or you have AppleCare+, you can contact Apple Service to take advantage of the warranty or repair services.


If you have tried various troubleshooting steps, such as resetting settings, updating iOS, or restoring your device, and the "Face ID Not Available" error persists. You may go to the Genius bar for help. Also, Passvers iPhone Unlocker is a preferable way for you to fix the issue on your own with ease. With no info required, you can directly remove Face ID without a passcode and regain access to your iPhone/iPad. Just take a shot.


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