Unable to unlock the iPhone screen passcode always comes with the help of iTunes on a computer. But if it's an emergency or you don't have a computer at hand, what measures you can take to unlock your iPhone passcode without a computer? In fact, you don't have to bother with this minor problem. There are three workable and easy ways proven to tackle the problem successfully. And in this post, you can find an industry-leading tool that can help you remove any iOS locks without a hitch.

How to Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer with Find My iPhone (iCloud)

The Find My feature is highly praised for its protection and orientation once your iPhone is lost somehow. And now the great feature can also help you unlock your iPhone passcode instead of a computer. To be specific, you can remotely erase your iPhone data via Find My iPhone, and then the screen passcode will be wiped as well. The solution is straightforward, but you can't get it started if you don't meet the requirements below.

Requirements of This Method:

  • Another available iPhone or iPad is indispensable.
  • The standby device needs to be well-connected to the network.
  • The locked iPhone should enable the Find My feature earlier.
  • Your Apple ID is required to be logged in on the locked iPhone.
  • You should know your Apple ID and password.

Have prepared well according to the requirements? If you have, you can refer to the process below to unlock your iPhone passcode without a computer.


Step 1. Open the Find My iPhone app on your standby iPhone or iPad.


Step 2. Enter your Apple ID andpassword, which need to be the same as your locked device.


Step 3. All your iOS devices will be displayed on the map interface.


Step 4. Tap the locked iPhone and hit the Erase iPhone/This Device option. This step continues with the ID password and will delete all the data on your iPhone.


Step 5. Set up your iPhone and you can restore the backup from iCloud (if you have backed up).

How to Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer on Lockout Screen

If you only have one iOS device, you can try the solution in this part to unlock the screen passcode. And this method is especially suitable for multiple attempts to enter the passcode but busy in vain. Unlike the first one that needs another iPhone, this method is much easier but it also works by wiping your phone data to achieve unlocking. Before you start with this approach, you are required to learn the notification carefully.

Requirements of This Method:

  • The locked iPhone runs iOS 15.2 or later.
  • Your locked iPhone should be connected to the internet.
  • Apple ID and password are required as well.

Now you can see how the solution works if you have all requirements satisfied.


Step 1. The wrong passcode should be entered at least seven times and you will see the screen display “iPhone Unavailable/Security Lockout, try again in 15 minutes”.


Step 2. Tap the Erase iPhone option in the bottom right corner of the screen.


Step 3. A notification will show you, and you need to tap Erase iPhone again after reading the note.


Step 4. Enter your Apple ID password and your iPhone will be erased.


How to Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer via Siri

Do you often use Siri? For iPhone users of iOS 8.0 to 10.1, Siri can not only serve as a voice assistant but also as an unlocker. If you are one of these specific iOS versions, you can utilize the bugs in Siri to unlock the iPhone passcode without a computer. Likewise, there are some prerequisites for you.

Requirements of This Method:

  • The solution only works on devices of iOS 8.0 to 10.1 version.
  • Siri should have been activated previously.
  • Your locked iPhone should be well-connected to the internet.

And here are the steps to unlock your iPhone passcode without a computer via Siri.


Step 1. Wake Siri up and ask a question regarding what time it is. This will allow Siri to show you the World Clock widget on your iPhone.


Step 2. Tap on the world clock icon to add a new clock.


Step 3. After the new clock is added, you need to share it with Message.


Step 4. You don't need to write officially, just text something random.


Step 5. Create a new and fake contract by tapping the New or + icon.


Step 6. Tap on Add Photo, and hit the Choose Photo option. This step will make Siri unlock the passcode and allow you to pick pictures from the photo library.


Step 7. When Siri helps open the photo library, you can press the Home button. And then you will find you unlock the screen passcode.

Extra Tip: How to Unlock iPhone 12/11/XR Passcode on Computer Without iTunes

As indicated by the three solutions, you can find that each method will encounter some restrictions, such as selected iOS versions, required Apple ID and password, earlier settings, and so forth. All these requirements or restrictions may fail to unlock your passcode. So it makes sense that being unable to unlock the iPhone screen passcode always comes with the help of iTunes on a computer. But removing the passcode with iTunes will also trigger some complicated problems as exemplified by the activation code.

In such a context, Passvers iPhone Unlocker is highly recommended to you. This top-rated desktop application, compatible with Windows and iOS, can unlock your iPhone without a password and it can circumvent all difficult technical problems to the maximum extent. What's more, this powerful software requires few technical skills, allowing people who are not tech-savvy to restore their iOS devices as before with a few simple clicks.

In contrast to iTunes or other iOS repair software, Passvers iPhone Unlocker is outstanding and equipped with many awesome features.

  • Supports unlocking iPhone 12/11/XR and former models, and a range of iPad, and iPod Touch.
  • Supports the latest iOS and iPadOS systems.
  • Easy to get started with user-friendly and all-around instructions.
  • Supports factory resetting your iOS devices without your password.
  • Allows you to wipe passcode, delete Apple ID, remove screen time passcode, and bypass iCloud activation lock.
  • Helps reset your Apple, iCloud, and iTunes account when forgetting passwords.
  • Boasts an extremely high success rate.
With these marvelous features, Passvers iPhone Unlocker can be a reliable instrument you can count on. If you have trouble unlocking the iPhone passcode with the above methods. You may as well download and try Passvers on your computer.

Step 1. Install and launch the software on your computer.


Step 2. Click on Wipe Passcode and connect your iPhone to this application.


Step 3. After Passvers automatically detects your iPhone, you can click the Start button to download the firmware package for your device.


Step 4. When the firmware package is downloaded, you can enter 0000 to proceed with the unlock process. And wait until the process is finished, you will get your iPhone as before.


To sum up, unlocking the iPhone passcode without a computer has workable methods, although every method will require you something. You can choose one that suits you most to fix your iPhone. But for an efficient and comprehensive way to take care of your iPhone, why not download Passvers iPhone Unlockerand have a try? The versatile unlocker was designed to make life more convenient and easier, and it has done so.

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