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Among all methods that can fix the iPhone black screen issue, Passvers iOS System Recovery offers a free and professional service. It boasts a 100% success rate dealing with iPhone black screen as well as other iOS system issues including frozen status, stuck on Apple logo, update failure, etc. Free download and use it to solve iPhone black screen now.

The iPhone black screen of death is a frequently encountered problem where the display completely goes dark. It is basically the same as iPhone won't turn on and your iPhone will be totally unresponsive. This is a common issue that occurs on all models of iPhone, even the latest iPhone 15 series.

However, there's no need to be overly concerned when it happens. This issue can be fixed by yourself without significant data loss. Let's explore 4 useful methods to resolve the iPhone black screen issue. By following these steps, your iPhone will be back to normal in no time, and you can continue using it as usual.


Some of you may also encounter that iPhone screen becomes black but it's still on. Since this post mainly talks about the iPhone black screen of death issue, you can directly go to this part and get some tricks to fix your iPhone with a black screen but still on.

Passvers Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death

What Causes iPhone Black Screen of Death?

Identifying the reason first will be better for you to solve the iPhone black screen problem. Basically, it could be caused by hardware damage or software issues crashing.

Hardware Issues

An iPhone is made of small components and it'll go wrong if some of them fall apart after a hard drop or continuous vibration. Especially when the components between the screen to the motherboard are damaged, you'll get into iPhone black screen of death.

Besides, some components may be damaged after falling into water or another liquid. In such case, iPhone won't turn on. More hardware causes may include as follows.

  • Components are not well connected, especially some parts related to the display.
  • The hardware is soaked and damaged.
  • The battery is drained out or dead. (If charging doesn't make sense, you also need to turn to Apple Store for help.)
  • The temperature is too low, causing the iPhone to shut down. (Usually charging or restarting can resolve this issue.)

As a rule, we can do nothing if iPhone won't turn on due to hardware issues, so you had better take your iPhone to Apple Store.

Software Problems

Contrary to hardware issues, some software causes may lead to the iPhone black screen of death. However, you still got the chance to repair iPhone black screen if it's due to a software issue. The causes are listed below. Let's take a look.

  • iOS fails to update to the new version.
  • A crashed app is incompatible with your current operating system.
  • iOS jailbreaking fails or causes other system glitches.
  • A major bug occurs along with the latest release of iOS.
  • iPhone storage runs out and has no room for a reboot.

Whether your iPhone black screen issue is caused by hardware or software problems, you have options to resolve this situation. Here are 4 practical and effective methods you can consider:

Methods Problems Features
Force Restart Software Problems Easy and fast, and works on most situations
Passvers Software Problems High success rate, data-safe, easy to use
iTunes/Finder Software Problems Free, but will erase everything on your iPhone
Apple Store Genius Bar Software Problems/ Hardware issues Official, personalized service, need advance booking and in-person visits to offline stores

1: Hard Reset to Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death

Performing a Hard Reset is a simple yet effective method to resolve the iPhone black screen issue. It’s also an Apple-recommended way to fix many subtle system errors. When your iPhone has a black screen and is unresponsive, a hard reset will force all the software to reboot and resolve some temporary hiccups. According to your iPhone model, the method of hard reset differs.

Models Instructions
iPhone 8/X/11/12/13/14/15 1. Press and quickly release Volume Up button.
2. Press and quickly release Volume Down button.
3. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button (also called the side button) until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
4. After the iPhone reboots, it should get rid of the black screen of death.
iPhone 7/7 Plus 1. Press and hold Sleep/Wake + Volume Down buttons.
2. Wait until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
iPhone 6/6s (or Earlier iPhone Models) 1. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home key for about ten seconds.
2. Wait until the iPhone reboots.

Iphone Recovery Mode Ways All Model

If you still get stuck on the iPhone black screen of death, let's proceed to a professional program to rescue your iPhone without losing any private or significant data below.

2: Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death With Passvers iOS System Recovery [No Data Loss]

When the most commonly used method - Forced Restart doesn't work, you might feel a bit frustrated. Then, you need a practical tool to ultimately fix iPhone black screen of death, and we recommend Passvers iOS System Recovery here. It's available to fix iPhone black screen easily with a user-friendly UI and clear instructions. With a 100% success rate, you won't be bothered by the problem anymore.

Besides, it also solves various iDevices' software problems, including iPhone white screen, stuck in updating and other iPhone disabled issues. Therefore, Passvers iOS System Recovery is an all-in-one helper to fix your iPhone system glitches.

⭐More Features of Passvers iOS System Recovery

  • Fix iPhone black screen and other iOS system issues with a high success rate.
  • In most situations, Passvers iOS System Recovery will keep all data on your device.
  • Offer 3 different repair modes to address various system issues.
  • Works on almost all iPhone models (iPhone 4 and above, including iPhone 15) and is compatible with the latest iOS 17 system.
  • Provides simple and clear on-screen instructions for you to easily fix the problems.

How Passvers iOS System Recovery Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death Easily

Step 1. Open Passvers iOS System Recovery

After installation, launch Passvers iOS System Recovery on your computer and click “Start” to proceed.

Ios System Recovery Main Interface

Step 2. Connect iPhone in Black Screen to PC or Mac

Next, connect iPhone in black screen to PC or Mac via a USB cable. The program will detect your device. Once detected, please choose the appropriate mode to repair your iPhone black screen.

  • Free Quick Fix: data safe
  • Standard Mode: data safe
  • Advanced Mode: data loss

Ios System Recovery Choose Repair Mode

Step 3. Enable iPhone into Recovery Mode

In this step, you need to put your device into recovery mode. Just follow the instructions of the program to put your black screen iPhone or another iDevice into Recovery Mode.


If you're not sure how to put your iPhone in Recovery Mode, don't worry! The software will provide detailed instructions with accompanying illustrations. Just follow the prompts and you'll be all set.

Ios System Recovery Recovery Mode Instruction

Step 4. Download Firmware

In this step, the Passvers program will detect your phone model and the iOS version. If it fails to do that, you can manually select them for your device. After your selection, click "Next" to download the firmware.

Downloading Firmware

Step 5. Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death

When the download is completed, your iPhone is being repaired now. Wait for a few minutes. Your iPhone should turn on and get out of the iPhone black screen of death.

Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death

🔔 Note that after repairing, the situations listed below may occur:

  • iOS version may update to the latest one after restoring.
  • Unlocked networks will be re-locked.
  • The device will be restored to non-jailbroken after restoring the repair.

3: Fix iPhone Won't Turn on Using iTunes/Finder [Cause Data Loss]

iTunes (earlier versions of macOS) or Finder (macOS Catalina and later) is the official way to fix iOS issues by restoring your iPhone to factory reset. However, you should be aware that all your data on the iOS device will be erased after restoring the iPhone with iTunes or Finder. Therefore, think twice before you kick in or try Solution 2 to get a lossless repair.

The following are the specific steps to fix iPhone black screen issues using iTunes/Finder:

Step 1. Open Finder on Mac or the latest version of iTunes on Windows. Then connect iPhone with a black screen to the computer with a USB cable that came with it.

Step 2. In some cases, iTunes/Finder will detect that your iPhone is in Recovery Mode and show the above window. If not, you can put your iPhone into Recovery Mode manually.

iPhone Recovery Mode Interface

Methods Instructions
iPhone 8/X/11/12/13/14/15 1. Press and quickly release Volume Up button.
2. Press and quickly release Volume Down button.
3. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button (also called the side button) until you see the recovery mode screen with the iTunes logo.
iPhone 7/7 Plus 1. Press and hold Sleep/Wake + Volume Down buttons.
2. Wait until the iTunes logo appears on the screen.
iPhone 6/6s (or Earlier iPhone Models) 1. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home key for about ten seconds.
2. Wait until the iTunes logo appear.

Step 3. As the black screen iPhone is detected, click "Restore" to restore the iPhone to factory settings. If you have an iTunes backup, iTunes will prompt you to restore the backup to get back data.

Restore Black Screen iPhone

Step 4. The iPhone will turn on and get out of the black screen of death when the repair is done.

However, the iTunes solution doesn't work for some users. When trying to fix iPhone black screen with iTunes, some users get new problems: iPhone is stuck in Recovery Mode, iTunes couldn't recognize your iPhone and throws Error 9, Error 4013, etc.

To address these additional issues, you can use DFU mode. The operation is similar to that of Recovery mode, but noted that DFU mode bypasses iBoot and is able to achieve downgrading, which means your iOS systems can be fragile after using DFU mode. Therefore, we usually do not recommend you choose DFU mode, as Recovery mode will deal with most iOS problems.

Besides, to save your time and simplify the repair process, we recommend using a professional iOS repair tool - Passvers iOS System Recovery. (Solution 2)


In February 2024, Apple claimed that it launched 3 new apps for Windows 10 and later, including Apple Music app, Apple TV app, and Apple Devices app. Among them, Apple Devices app will help you restore, back up or update your iOS devices. Be aware that to use any app, you have to download all the 3 items to access each of them. If you don't want to replace iTunes with the 3 apps now, you can still use iTunes as usual, but it may be removed eventually.

4: Turn to an Official Repair Service if iPhone Won't Turn on

If your iPhone still won't turn on and the screen is black and unresponsive after trying the former troubleshooting methods, the BSOD is probably caused by hard damage, and it's time to turn to an official repair service (especially your iPhone is still under warranty or under the AppleCare plan).

Apple provides an official repair service called the Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) or the Apple Store Genius Bar. By visiting an AASP or the Genius Bar, you can have your black-screen iPhone assessed and repaired by trained technicians.

You can first make an appointment online or through the Apple Store app, and then visit the Apple Store at your scheduled time to get help. Please note that the process may vary, so it's best to contact your local store for specific details.

Apple Genius Bar

Bonus: How to Fix iPhone Black Screen But Still Turn On

The above methods all aim at fixing black screen when the iPhone won't turn on, but sometimes you may find your iPhone screen is black, but some vibrations and sounds tell you that it's still working. Here we'll also offer you 2 tips to revive your iPhone screen.

  • Fully Charge Your iPhone: Low battery may lead to black screen. Therefore, it's better charging your iPhone for at least half an hour to see if your iPhone screen works.
  • Adjust Your Screen Brightness: Though it may sound a bit amusing, there are actually some users claiming that even they know the brightness is appropriate, when they ask Siri to increase the brightness, the iPhone screen begins working. So, you can also try the trick to see if it works.

FAQs about iPhone Black Screen of Death

If you still have unsolved questions regarding the iPhone black screen of death, you may want to go down for some frequently asked questions below and get answers here.

Q1: How do I know that my iPhone won’t turn on is due to a hardware or software problem? And how to fix it?

A: If you have accidentally dropped your iPhone or water damage it and it turns to the black screen of death, mostly it’s caused by a hardware issue, and you need to get your iPhone repaired in the local Apple Store. For software issues, it’s hard to tell. If you have no memory that your iPhone has been damaged, we recommend you try the mentioned fixes for software problems first. Or you can try fixing it with Passvers iOS System Recovery, a professional iOS recovery tool.

Q2: How to prevent iPhone black screen of death?

A: Here are some points you can pay attention to:

  • Keep your iPhone at a normal temperature. Your iPhone may turn into a black screen when it’s too hot or too cold.
  • Uninstall glitchy apps and unstable firmware. These may cause system errors and make your iPhone screen black and won't turn on.
  • Use a thick protector to avoid severe drops or physical damage.

By the way, when you encounter the iPhone black screen of death problem, you may need to restore or factory reset your iPhone to troubleshoot the issue, so backing up your data beforehand is always preferred.


Although encountering the iPhone black screen of death can be a sudden cause of panic and frustration, it is important not to overly worry. Before seeking official Apple Support, it is worth trying a few software fixes mentioned above, especially if your iPhone hasn't suffered any physical damage.

Give it a shot at Passvers iOS System Recovery! This professional repair tool will quickly assist you in resolving the iPhone black screen of death problem and will not let you down.

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