Solutions to Fix iPad/iPhone Error 9

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iTunes error 9 is not commonly seen as error 4013/4014 , but once you come across the error, it is as tricky as the other errors. Like other iTunes errors, error 9 comes up when you try to update or restore your iPhone 4/5/6/7/8/X or iPad/iPad Mini/iPad Pro and iTunes says: iPhone(iPad) could not be restored error 9. The error can be triggered when:

  • Security software or firewall blocks iTunes from visiting Apple servers;

  • USB connection interrupts because of faulty cable, ports or others;

  • There is network settings error;

  • iPhone is in jailbroken state.

As you can see, iPhone error 9 could be a hardware problem as well as software problem. Since a hardware problem is much easier to identify, we'll first try to fix error 9 from the hardware aspect, then dig into software-related solutions.

iTunes Error 9

Hardware Solutions for iPhone/iPad Error 9

The hardware issues mainly refer to all stuffs that are related to USB connection: cable, ports, computer and iPhone/iPad itself. When the USB connection is disabled or loose, it can all trigger the iTunes error 9 when you try to restore iPhone/iPad or update iOS.

1. Change Cable or USB Ports

Make sure that you are using a workable lightning cableor other certified 30-pin cable that is suitable for your iPad or iPhone. You might use another cable for connection and see if the error 9 is fixed.

Also, try to connect your iPad or iPhone to other USB port of your computer. Sometimes, it is one of the USB port that is corrupted.

2. Restore iPhone/iPad with Another Computer

Change to other computer to restore or update your iPhone. Also make sure that the iTunes you are using has been upgraded to the latest version.

3. Reboot iOS device to Fix Error 9

Restart your iPhone or iPad to fix any possible glitches on the iOS device.

If the iTunes error 9 continues, you may need to repair iPhone error 9 withsome software solutions.

Solutions for iTunes Error 9 Triggered by Software Issues

Fix iTunes Error 9 with System Recovery Software

Software issues is manifold and complicated. For regular users like us who know little about the tech, an all-in-one software is a better option. Passvers iOS System Recovery is the software that is suitable for any user.

The software uses one easy-to-use method to fix various iOS system problems: iTunes errors, iPhone/iPad stuck at Recovery Mode /DFU Mode or black/red/blue screen... So with the software, you don't have to figure out what cause the error 9 or how to repair iTunes error 9. Just follow the instruction on the program to restore/update iPhone or iPad without iTunes. The software will take care of all the technical job.

1. Download & Launch iOS System Recovery. Download the program on your computer and find repairing function on "iOS System Recovery".

iOS System Recovery Main Interface

2. Detect iPhone/iPad. Connect iPhone or iPad to the computer via USB cable. The program will detect the device and show the specific device info. Click "Fix" to proceed.


3. Put iPhone/iPad into Recovery Mode. You'll see the tutorials on putting iPhone or iPad in recovery mode. Fix error 9 in recovery mode won't erase any data on your device. Simply choose Standard Mode and click on Confirm.

Choose Repair Mode

4. Choose a suitable firmware package. The program will then display the device information. Check if the device information is correct about your device. This is important because the program will download the suitable firmware package for your device.

5. Fix iTunes Error. Click "Next" button to begin downloading plug-in and fixing iPhone/iPad error 9. Please don't move, use, or disconnect your iPhone/iPad during the process. The device will reboot when the repairing is completed.

Downloading Firmware

Now you have upgraded your iOS device to newest version with the error 9 fixed.

Check Security/ Anti-virus / Firewall Settings on Computer

When upgrading or restoring iPad or iPhone, iTunes has to access various network servers. If security, anti-virus, firewall program prevent iTunes from communicating with the servers, errors are triggered.

Therefore, make sure that your computer doesn't use proxy/vpn, which might block the connection between iTunes and Apple servers. And if you have security or anti-virus enabled on the computer, temporarily disable the programs as well firewall. If the iOS update or restore runs smoothly with the options disabled, re-enable the options after upgrading or restoring iPhone/iPad.

Firewall Disable

For more iTunes errors, please refer to the solutions to fix iTunes error 14, 31940.

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