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Getting an iPhone with iCloud Activation Lock is definitely troublesome, since the device is useless to you without the original Apple ID and password. You may have heard many people say jailbreaking an iPhone can remove the lock. Indeed, Jailbreaking can solve many issues and break restrictions. But does jailbreak remove iCloud activation lock? Can it help you use iPhone normally? Here we will discuss the possibility and the right ways to bypass iCloud Activation Lock. Let’s read on to find out the answer.

Jailbreaking an iPhone Can Remove iCloud Activation Lock. Is it Right?

Before getting deeper into how to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on Apple Devices, you may be curious about "Does jailbreak an iPhone remove iCloud Activation Lock?" or "Why iCloud Activation Lock locked me out of my device?". Here're the answers. 

What Is Jailbreaking iPhone?

As its name indicates, taking advantage of loopholes, jailbreaking enables iOS devices to be set free from the restrictions created by the operating system. So, what exactly does jailbreak iPhone allow you to do? See the advantages below:

  • Device Customization: You can customize your iPhone by modifying settings or personalizing the theme of your device, such as wallpapers, menus, and even icons.
  • Install Unauthorized Apps: Jailbreaking allows you to install and use apps that are not available in the Apple Store.
  • Delete Pre-installed Apps: After jailbreaking, you are free to delete the non-removable default apps, like Game Center, which may be useless to you and take up a lot of memory.
  • Unlock Carrier Restrictions: In this way, your carrier-locked device can be unofficially unlocked so it can be used with other network carriers.

What Is iCloud Activation Lock?

Activation Lock, associated with Apple’s Find My, is a security feature that’s designed to protect data and privacy when the device is lost or stolen. Confirmation of Apple ID and password will pop up each time you reset or erase the device, when Find My has been turned on.

It brings great security to the original owner. But it will become a trouble if you accidentally buy a second-hand iPhone with iCloud Activation Lock. You can not be able to access the phone without the account. To use it normally, it’s necessary to unlock the iCloud locked iPhone.

Can Jailbreak Remove iCloud Activation Lock?

The answer is NO. As mentioned earlier, jailbreaking can break restrictions by exploiting the flaws of the iOS system. iCloud Activation Lock is connected to the Find My feature to enhance security, only permitting authorized users to access the device. It seems jailbreaking may be able to utilize a loophole to unlock an iCloud-locked iPhone, but it's not. Jailbreaking can not remove the iCloud Activation Lock but bypass iCloud Activation Lock temporarily

If you want to bypass the activation lock successfully, jailbreaking to gain advanced access is the first step. After jailbreaking your iPhone, a helpful iCloud-locked removal tool is needed to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock.

How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock with A Jailbroken iPhone

So, to successfully remove iCloud Activation Lock, what should we do after jailbreaking iPhone? You’d better use a supportive third-party tool to complete the removal process. Passvers iPhone Unlocker is such a remarkable tool, enabling you to effortlessly remove iCloud Activation Lock without the requirement for the previous owner’s Apple ID and password. It is also equipped with a straightforward step-by-step guide on the screen and its advanced technology ensures an extremely high success rate.

⭐Main features of Passvers iPhone Unlocker

  • Easy-to-follow instruction enables beginners to remove the iCloud lock within a few clicks
  • Only take a few minutes to unlock your iCloud-locked iPhone with a high success rate
  • Remove iCloud activation lock without password
  • Support all models of iPhone, including iPhone 15 and iOS 17

Now follow the iCloud activation lock removal tutorials to help yourself out of the problem.

To guarantee a smooth removal journey, it would be better to charge your iPhone with sufficient power and ensure enough storage available on your PC in advance. Once you are ready, follow the below steps to unlock your iPhone. Also refer to this tutorial video to learn more details!

STEP 1. Connect iPhone and PC

Connect your iPhone and PC via a USB cable.

STEP 2. Start Removing iCloud Activation Lock

Launch Passvers. Click on the red key to detect your device. Confirm the device model, then click on Start Bypassing Activation to start the removal process.


During the removal process, please keep the device connected to the PC. The device may restart or show a different display. Don’t worry about that, just be patient and wait until the process ends.

STEP 3. Complete Removing iCloud Activation Lock

Please be patient and wait for a while. The iCloud Activation Lock will be entirely removed when the process finishes.

Now that, you are free to activate the iPhone with any Apple ID for normal use!

Are There Other Methods to Remove iCloud Activation Lock?

Sure, there are other ways to bypass the iCloud activation lock without jailbreaking.

For those who want to unlock a second-hand iPhone with iCloud locked, if you can get in touch with the previous owner, the easiest way is to ask them to unlock the iPhone in person or remove the device remotely on iCloud. You can even gather proof of purchase to seek help from Apple.

Another workaround to remove iCloud Activation Lock is modifying the DNS (Domain Name System) settings. It is quite simple since you only need to change the path of Apple server to another. This method was tested workable for iOS 8 or iOS 10, because security loopholes might exist on these earliest versions. Therefore, it may not be effective for other iOS versions. And once it is done, you can only access partial basic features.


The Bottom Line

By now, the answer to "Does jailbreak remove iCloud activation lock?" is on the tip of the tongue: yes, jailbreaking can remove iCloud Activation Lock with a helpful removal tool. Compared with other methods, it is the optimal solution to most situations. If you are looking for a removal tool to go with jailbreaking, we highly recommend Passvers iPhone Unlocker. It supports all types of iPhone, and has a clear tutorial to let you successfully remove iCloud Activation Lock on your iPhone in a minute. Don’t hesitate, just give it a try and free your device!

FAQs About Jailbreaking and Removing iCloud Activation Lock

Can I jailbreak an iCloud-locked iPhone?

Yes, though your iPhone is iCloud-locked, you can jailbreak it by using jailbreak tools. It is advisable to run the tools on Mac, as the jailbreaking process is tested simpler than the one on Windows PC. However, the iCloud Activation Lock will still be on your device in this case. If you want to remove it as well, you need to take further steps to bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

What are the pros and cons of jailbreaking an iPhone?

Pros Cons
✔️Gain full control over your iPhone ❌No automatic updates anymore
✔️Customize settings and the look to your preferences ❌May be vulnerable to malware and hackers without security tools
✔️Free to remove default apps
Loss of warranty
✔️Access alternative app stores and install unofficial apps ❌Shorten the battery life span
✔️Unlock carrier restrictions


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