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"I have resigned from the company, but the iPhone I used was under MDM supervision. Now I want to change it to personal use. Do you know how to bypass remote management on iPhone? I have tried factory resetting it but now I am stuck at the login page that requires the administrator's username and password. Is there any effective solution?”

If you've purchased a second-hand remote management iPhone or iPad and now seeking a helpful way to get rid of the supervision, now you land in the right place. In this article, we conclude 3 methods to easily bypass remote management on your iPhone or iPad. Please continue reading if you also encounter the Remote Management issue like the poster.

Why Do People Want to Bypass iPad/iPhone remote management?

What is remote management? What roles does it play? Before we go through the helpful solutions to bypass Remote Management, let's learn some basic ideas about it.

What is Remote Management?

Remote Management is also known as a component of MDM (mobile device management), a feature integrated into iOS devices that grants users the ability to remotely access, control, lock and unlock their devices without touching them. However, it could also be a two-edged sword if you forget the remote management username and password. You'll see an MDM lock screen as a result That's why many people want to know how to remove MDM from their iPad or iPhone.

What iPhone/iPad Remote Management Can Do?

Remote Management is a feature often used by employers or parents as administrators to restrict their members from doing things not related to work or children from being addicted to social networks. Through Remote Management, administrators can supervise and control users' devices by adding or removing profiles and even wiping devices without requiring the users' permission. Moreover, it also enables the administrator to set up email and network accounts, install configure apps and manage the iPhone’s settings remotely without touching the device.

Inconvenience of Remote Management iPad/iPhone

While Remote Management brings many benefits and convenience for companies and organizations, it comes with many downsides for normal users like you and me and it's quite annoying to be that the device is locked and supervised. If you're a businessman, in the long term, you'll lose the trust of your employees. If you are using a second-hand iPhone owner with Remote Management enabled, you don't have 100% control of your device. You may fail to download software, take screenshots, change wallpaper, etc. freely. Worse still, your personal information may be divulged.

Easiest Way to Bypass Remote Management on iPhone/iPad

Whether for enterprise use or personal use, Remote Management brings inconvenience to different extents. You can easily remove the Remote Management by entering the administrator user name and account. No worry if you forget the password or you don't have any clue about the account and password. You can turn to Passvers iPhone Unlocker for help.

Passvers iPhone Unlocker is one of the most professional and reliable desktop software that you shall not miss. It provides comprehensive solutions for users who face iPhone unlocking problems including MDM, Screen Lock, Apple ID, iCloud Activation Lock, etc. With simple steps, you can throw away all MDM restrictions and get the iPhone/iPad back to normal without any crisis of data loss.

Now, you can follow the steps below to bypass Remote Management.

iPhone/iPad works properly:

Step 1. Free download Passvers iPhone Unlocker and install it on your computer. Launch the program and choose "Remove MDM" at the bottom of the home interface.

Step 2. Choose "Work Properly" and click "Start Removing".

Step 3. Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB and click "Start". Follow the instructions on the screen and check if "Find My" is turned off.

iPhone Unlocker Check Find My iPhone

Step 4. If the "Find My" is disabled, the program will start to bypass Remote Management automatically. During the process, your iPhone will restart. After that, it will no longer be managed remotely.

iPhone/iPad is disabled:

Step 1. Launch the program and choose "Disabled". Click "Start Removing".

Step 2. Now, enter "0000" and click "Remove MDM" to proceed.


If your device has turned on "Find My", please ensure that you remember the Apple ID password. Because after bypassing Remote Management, you need to enter your Apple ID and password to unlock the Activation Lock screen.

Step 3. Next, follow the on-screen instructions to put your iPhone/iPad into Recovery Mode.

iPhone Unlocker Recovery Mode Instruction

Step 4. Confirm your device information displayed on the screen and click "Start" to download the firmware package. Then, just wait for the installation

Step 5. After installing the firmware package, click "Device Activated" on your computer to activate the device. Read the notes and hit "Got it".

Step 6. Wait until you see "Hello" on your iPhone/iPad. Now you need to activate your device manually. After activation, the iPhone will restart. And then you can use it normally.

How to Bypass Remote Management on iPhone/iPad on Setting

If you set up Remote Management yourself, or if you know the administrator password, this method is for you. You can simply bypass it in the Settings app. Let's move on.

  1. Open the "Settings" app and go to "General". Scroll down to find "VPN & Device Management".
  2. Tap on it and you'll see an MDM profile.
  3. Tap "Remove Management" twice to confirm.
  4. Finally, enter the credentials to remove Remote Management successfully on your iPhone/iPad.

Remove MDM Through Settings

Bypass iPhone Remote Management via iOS 13 Bugs

The last method is a trick that can bypass Remote Management on iPhone or iPad without a computer. But it only works when your iPhone/iPad is running iOS 13 with a 4G SIM card installed. Here is how.

  1. Insert the 4G DIM card into your iPhone/ iPad and boot it.
  2. Activate the card and remove it from the Apple device.
  3. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to set up the device until you see the "Remote Management" screen.
  4. Setup Device until the Remote Management Screen

  5. Now, insert the SIM card again and go back to the initial page.
  6. Repeat the same instructions until you see the "Remote Management" screen again.
  7. Finally, repeat the same procedure until the MDM lock is bypassed.

FAQs about iPad/iPhone Remote Management

How can I know if my iPhone/iPad is being monitored by Remote Management?

If you purchase a second-hand iPhone or iPad online, you may wonder whether your device is monitored. You can confirm the issue by following two ways:

  1. If the iPhone is set the Remote Management, you’ll see a sentence on "Settings" saying "This iPhone/iPad is supervised and managed by…".
  2. Go to Settings>General>VPN& Device Management. If the iPhone is MDM supervised, you’ll see a Remote Management profile.

How to bypass remote management on iPhone free?

If you know the login information for the administration of the Remote Management, you can bypass it for free. Just go to the device's Settings > General > VPN & Device Management. Then enter the passcode and Remote Management will be removed from your iDevice successfully.


These are all the solutions for how to bypass Remote Management on iPhone or iPad. If you have no idea what the Remote Management username and password are, you can choose the easiest way, Passvers iPhone Unlocker. It can get everything done in simple steps without data loss. If you're stuck on the lock page, I hope this article will be helpful for you.

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