Have you ever zoomed on a page on your iPhone screen but it keeps zooming out and opens up another app? The zoom mode feature is very useful for any iOS device user as it makes it easier for you to read the text clearly on your iPhone screen.

Recently, iPhone users are facing a zoom mode problem. If your iPhone screen randomly zooms in or freezes while using zoom mode, and you may wonder how to unfreeze the zoom screen. Then this article is for you. Along with the iPhone, this article will also cover how to zoom out on the iPad.

Solution 1 Exit zoom mode with three fingers

This may sound hilarious, however, many times it works pretty well in solving problems with your iPhone's zoom mode screen froze issue. All you need to do is tap on the iPhone's zoomed screen with three fingers.

Exit Zoom Mode

If your screen is good, it goes from zoom mode to normal view mode. If double-tap three fingers does not work then don't worry, this article still has some more solutions to get this issue fixed for you.

Solution 2 Click the Home button three times

If you have problems with the zoom feature on your iPad you can repair it by pressing the Home button three times. If it doesn't work you can verify that the zoom function is set correctly. By following these measures to set.

iPhone Home Button

Step 1 Go to Settings on your iPad.

Step 2 Scroll then to the Accessibility page and turn on the AssisTiveTouch

Step 3 To configure the triple-click on the home button for zooming, click on the Usability key, so you can press three times to zoom in and exit again. If triple-click on the home button for zoom doesn't work, hang on there are some more solutions for.

Solution 3 Factory reset iPhone/iPad

This is perhaps one of the last approaches to use when attempting to repair stuck iPhone on zoom mode. First, it is recommended that you should back up your files and then restore your iPhone settings. After backing up, you may follow the steps stated below:

Step 1 Go to Settings for your iPhone and press the General tab.

Step 2 Push the Reset button.

Step 3 Eventually, click on Erase all content and settings. Afterward, wait for some minutes for the device to return to factory settings.

iPhone Factory Reset

Solution 4 Force restart iPhone/iPad

Another quick, easy-to-operate solution is to restart your iPhone. To do so, simply press the Sleep / Wake button and Home button for about 10 seconds at the same time.

Force Restart iPhone 7

Then release the buttons and the white apple logo on restart tends to display on your screen. Now the problem with zoom mode stuck in should be fixed.

Solution 5 Unfreeze zoomed screen in one click

Most users opt for a better option and this solution certainly is. Passvers iOS System Recovery is a tool that can fix most of the problems that the iPhone 11/X/8/8 Plus. The tool will repair several iOS issues, including get iPhone out of recovery mode, fix frozen iPhone, and so on.

There's no need to be anxious with this device in your machine when you're faced with a frozen iPhone. Follow the program's thorough instructions, and get your iPhone repaired in easy steps.

Step 1 Navigate to iOS System Recovery and click Start.

iOS System Recovery Main Interface

Step 2 Connect your device with a computer.

Choose the Standard Mode and click Confirm.

Choose Repair Mode

Step 3 Set your device into Recovery/DFU Mode.

Please put your iPhone into Recovery mode by following the instructions from the software until the software can fix your iPhone problem. If your iPhone can not enter recovery mode, you'll also be shown how to enter DFU mode.

Put Device in Recovery Mode

Step 4 Download the firmware.

You will then see the provided details about your device. Check if the information provided is accurate; if not, pick the correct one. Then press "Fix" to download your device's firmware kit.

Step 5 Fixing your device.

The program will start downloading the firmware kit, repairing your computer. You should supervise all of the operations. Remember to connect the network and do not disconnect your iPhone.

After the process is complete, your iPhone will restart with all data safely saved, to a normal state.


This post gathers the top 5 solutions to help you address issues related to zooming in/out mode on the iPhone or iPad. Also, you might be able to test the settings to fix the problem by following the above-listed guides. Passvers iOS System Recovery would be the perfect solution for solving any system problems.

Do the above-mentioned solutions fix your problem? If yes, please feel free to share this post with more people and leave the comment in the comment section down below to let us know which one worked for you.