How to Restore iPhone without Updating

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"My iPhone is locked. Can I restore my iPhone 6s without updating to iOS 13? iTunes said it would restore and update to the latest software. I didn't find an option to cancel or pass it. Can anyone help me to restore iPhone without updating?"

Usually, updating iOS to the latest version is the best solution for making full use of Apple's operating system. However, there are some cases you may need to factory reset iPhone without updating, for example:

  • You want to restore jailbroken iPhone without updating so that you wouldn't lose the ability to jailbreak.
  • You are using a 16GB iPhone 5s/6 and don't want to upgrade it to iOS 11/iOS 12 which may slow down your iPhone. But you really need to restore iPhone to fix software issues, free up space on iPhone.
  • ...

This article will show you two ways to restore iPhone without updating. In these ways, you can restore iPhone to fix disabled/frozen iPhone/iPad or device that is stuck at recovery/DFU mode.

Part 1: Restore iPhone without Updating in Recovery Mode [Easy]

When you restore the iPhone with iTunes, for example, when iPhone is locked or gets stuck at recovery mode/DFU mode, white Apple screen of death, iTunes may ask you to update the iPhone. So why not restore iPhone without iTunes?

Passvers iOS System Recoverycan be a better alternative to iTunes. It can help you with many software problems on iPhone/iPad, such as iPhone that won't turn on, iPhone stuck at white Apple screen.

Main features

  • Restore abnormal iPhone and iPad to normal status in one click, including dead, frozen, locked iPhone/iPad;
  • Repair iPhone/iPad in 3 modes: free quick fix (free & save data), standard mode (do not wipe data); advanced mode (wipe data);
  • Install IPSW file on iPhone without iTunes.

Follow the way below to check whether it works for you.

STEP 1. Download and launch the program on your PC/Mac.

STEP 2. Click Start. Try Free Quick Fix at first which is free and will protect your device data.

Once the device cannot be repaired successfuly, the program allows you to choose Standard Mode or Advanced Mode to restore the iPhone. Click Standard Mode if you don't want to lose data on the iPhone. 

Choose Repair Mode

STEP 2. Then, connect your iPhone to computer follow the on-screen tutorial to put your device into recovery mode.

Put Device in Recovery Mode

STEP 3. Choose a suitable iOS version in the box. Then, the program will restore your iPhone or iPad and fix it to the normal status.

Download Firmware

Part 2: 5 Steps to Restore iPhone without Updating iOS

Many iPhone users have claimed on various forums that Apple tends to force iPhone, iPad to update to the latest iOS when restoring iPhone/iPad with iTunes. Therefore, to restore iPhone without updating, you should factory reset iPhone via Erase All Contents and Settings on Settings. Here are the correct steps to do so.

Step 1. Backup iPhone/iPad

Resetting iPhone/iPad/iPod erasing all data and settings on your device, so you are advised to back up the important data on your device first. You can backup iPhone with iTunes or iCloud . And if you want to backup iPhone contents selectively, FonePaw iOS Data Backup & Restore can help you.

  • Download and install the backup tool on your computer and connect your iPhone to the computer.
  • Run the program, hit iOS Data Backup> Standard Backup/Encrypted Backup. Choose to back up photos, notes, text messages, contacts or others. The iPhone data will be saved on the PC.

Step 2. Reset iPhone to factory settings

Disconnect your iPhone from a computer. Then, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings. This will erase all data on your device and restore iPhone to factory settings.

Reset iPhone

Step 3. Plug iPhone back to computer

Once the reset process is complete, the iPhone screen will display the factory default image and show the "Slide to set up" message. Don't start the setup process. Instead, connect your iPhone back to computer.

Step 4. Wait for the unlocking to process

If your device has been previously unlocked, plug it to iTunes will re-apply the unlock code, allowing you to use the phone on other networks again. When a window saying "An update to the carrier settings on your iPhone is available. Would you like to download it now?" appears, click "Download and Update".

iPhone Carrier Settings

Step 5. Restore iPhone without updating

After the unlock message, you will be prompted to restore your iPhone. Select the backup you have just created and wait for the restoring process to complete. If you are asked to upgrade to a newer version of iOS, click "Cancel".

So to restore a jailbroken iPhone without updating, you may want to unjailbreak the iPhone firstwith the tweak Cydia Eraser, which can remove all traces of Cydia to unjailbreak your device. After you have restored the iPhone, you can have the phone jailbroken again.

Mission accomplished! Now you have factory reset an iPhone/iPad without updating. But do you know how to stop iPhone from nagging you about updating to the iOS 12/iOS 11/10? Move on to Part 3.

Part 3:Tips to Stop iPhone from Asking You to Update

One of the typical alert that we get after each iOS update is the "Install Now" and "Remind Later" alert.

The update alert comes up again and again. It seems like Apple won't stop the nagging until we get the update. For those who are sick of the repeated update alert, we get some tips.

Tip 1: Understand Apple's iOS Update Method

Apple encourages every iOS users to have the latest version of iOS. To do that, the company rolled out a feature named "Automatic Downloads". When a new version of iOS, for example, iOS 12 is released, your iPhone/iPad/iPod will automatically download the update for you, mostly at night when the device is charging. With the update downloaded in the background, you are prompted to install it.

Tip 2: Disable "Automatic Downloads"

  • On your iPhone/iPad/iPod, go to "Settings" > "iTunes & App Stores".
  • Toggle the "Updates" option to off. This will stop iOS from downloading update automatically for you in the future.

Tip 3: Delete the Downloaded Update

If you want to stop receiving the update alert, you have to delete the downloaded update, too.

  • Tap "Settings" > "General" > "Storage & iCloud Usage" > "Manage Storage".
  • Then find the iOS update. You can easily recognize it because it is named as something like "iOS 12.1.1".
  • Choose "Delete Update" and confirm your choice in the pop-up.

Done! iOS 12 might be great, but it should be your call to update your device or not. Hope you enjoy the post.

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