"My iPad 4 appears stuck on the black screen with the Apple logo after upgrading to iOS 11. Is it dead? What can I do to fix it?" a user stated on one of the Apple Support Communities.

iPad got stuck on Apple logo screen probably caused by jailbreak, updating your iOS version or restoring from backup. Your devices will spontaneously reboot and never boot past the white Apple logo on black background which makes you cannot move forward.

Some people will fix this issue by restoring their devices to factory settings which will erase all data on their iPad. If you want to unfreeze iPad without losing data, I highly recommend two tools - Passvers iPhone Data Recovery and iOS System Recovery. The following are detailed steps.

After your iPad is back to normal, you can now use the program to recover missing files on your iPad. There are three ways to recover missing data: directly from iPad, from iTunes backup and from iCloud backup .

How to Fix iPad Stuck on the Apple Logo without Data Loss

Passvers iOS System Recovery is a professional tool for repairing iOS system problems without any data loss. The program make it a piece of cake for any regular iOS user to fix complicated system problems with its detailed instruction and intelligent procedure. Download the program on your PC right now and get your iPad out of Apple logo screen with no data missing.

Step 1: Navigate to iOS System Recovery

Open the program on your PC, and go to "More Tools" > "iOS System Recovery". Then you can connect your iPad to the computer with lightning cable.

iOS System Recovery Main Interface

Step 2: Check the State of Your iPad

After connecting, the program will check if your iPad is in normal state. If not, you'll see the following page, click "Confirm" to continue.

Choose Repair Mode

If your iOS device is in normal state, you'll get this screen.


Step 3: Enter Recovery Mode

The program will then guide you to put your iPad into recovery mode. Follow the guiding to enter the mode.

Put Device in Recovery Mode

Step 4: Download Firmware Package

After your iPad has entered recovery mode, the program will download the suitable firmware package for your iPad. Check whether the information displayed about your iPad is correct. If not, manually choose the right one. If it is, choose "Repair" to continue.


Step 5: Repairing Your iPad

The program will begin to repair your iPad. You can see the progress of the repairing process. Wait patiently for the process to be completed and your iPad reboots.


That's the two easy yet effective solutions to get your iPad out of Apple logo screen. Passvers iOS System Recovery is more recommendable since it is a professional tool for iOS system problems, including iOS device stuck at recovery/DFU mode, frozen screen , rebooting loop and etc.