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"iPod Touch is disabled, connect to iTunes."

You may see this horrible message after leaving your iPod with a small child for a few minutes. As you can see, your iPod is disabled, and the reason is that you entered the wrong passcode too many times. So, how to unlock an iPod that is disabled?

Annoying though, the good news is, there are still workarounds to fix the "iPod is disabled, connect to iTunes" error and unlock the disabled iPod Touch once again. Read on and access the 5 ways to help you solve the problem.

Method 1. Fix the iPod Disabled Error with iTunes (2 Options)

To deal with the "iPod is disabled, connect to iTunes" error, iTunes should be the first method that comes into your mind as the notification asks you to. Based on whether you have once synced iPod with iTunes, there are two ways provided to help you restore iPod again.

Resetting Disabled iPod with iTunes

If you have synced your iPod device to iTunes, the most direct way to unlock the disabled iPod is to reset the iPod via iTunes or Finder. In this way, all data on your iPod, including its passcode, will be erased. But you can make a backup beforehand so that you won't lose data after the restore.

If you don’t use iTunes frequently, you may not know the exact steps of how to reset an iPod that is disabled with iTunes. Now, follow the steps and learn how to unlock iPod with iTunes by using the restore feature and fix the "iPod is disabled, connect to iTunes" problem.

Step 1. Connect your iPod Touch to the computer that you synced with.

Step 2. Launch iTunes and let iTunes sync your iPod and make a backup.

Step 3. Once the backup is done, click Restore in Summary Panel.

Step 4. When the restoring reaches the Set Up screen, choose Restore from iTunes backup and select the backup that you just made.

iTunes Restore Disabled iPod

Resetting Disabled iPod via Recovery Mode

However, if this is the first time that you sync your iPod with iTunes and it keeps asking for a passcode to unlock the disabled iPod, you would turn to another method to fix iPod disabled error - to use the recovery mode. You will still need help from iTunes to recover iPod and unlock the device when iPod is disabled mistakenly. Follow the steps to do it correctly.

Step 1. Run iTunes on your computer and connect your iPod to the computer.

Step 2. While the iPod is connected, press and hold the Top + Home (iPod 6th generations or earlier) / Volume down (iPod of 7th generation) buttons at the same time until you see the recovery mode screen on your iPod.

Use Recovery Mode on iPod to Unlock

Step 3. When iTunes pops up a notification for you to update or restore your device, continue doing the recovering process.

Step 4. Now, choose Restore and iTunes will reinstall the software on your iPod Touch. All data will be gone after the iPod is enabled, so you are recommended to back up data in advance to avoid losing important information.

Method 2. Fix the iPod Unavailable Error Without iTunes (2 Choices)

However, it is not always possible to use iTunes to unlock a disabled iPod and fix the "iPod is disabled, connect to iTunes" error, because some iPod models such as iPod Touch 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th generations can encounter iTunes errors while you are trying connecting them together that prevent you from solving the problem.

Therefore, we’d like to offer you two alternatives to how to fix disabled iPod in ultimate ways. 2 ways to help you unlock a disabled iPod without iTunes are provided below.

How to Unlock Disabled iPod with Passvers iPhone Unlocker

Passvers iPhone Unlocker supports all iPod models and provides powerful service to help you bypass the screen locks of the devices to unlock disabled iPods once again. It can erase 4-digit / 6-digit passcodes, Face ID, and also Touch ID without passwords when they are not working to unlock the devices and lead to iPod unavailable. However, just like other iPod unlocking methods using iTunes, it erases all data, so it is recommended for you to back up data before fixing the iPod disabled error.

More advantages of Passvers iPhone Unlocker:

  • Offers user-friendly UI
  • Supports unlocking iOS devices such as iPod, iPhone, and iPad of all systems
  • Doesn't need passwords to fix disabled iOS devices
  • Works for different iOS devices unavailable situations
  • Also helps to remove the Apple ID and Screen Time passcode
  • Supports to bypass the iCould activation lock powerfully

Download it from here immediately.

Now, see the tutorial and unlock disabled iPod to fix "iPod is disabled, connect to iTunes" problem without passwords needed using Passvers iPhone Unlocker.

Step 1. Enable the program and you will see the three options on the homepage. You need to choose "Wipe Passcode" in order to unlock a disabled iPod.

Step 2. Connect your iPod to the computer via USB cable and Passvers iPhone Unlocker will detect your device automatically.

From the Device Category drop-down menu, you can switch it to iPod Touch/ iPad/ iPhone. Also, you can correct the device type and model manually.

When you are sure everything is right, click Start and the program will start downloading the firmware package for your device.

Select Wipe Passcode to Unlock Disabled iPod

Step 3. When the firmware package is downloaded, a prompt will inform you to enter "0000" to confirm the iPod unlocking. Click Unlock to confirm and it will begin the unlocking.

Step 4. When you see the progress bar going to 20%, you will need to put the iPod device into Recovery mode to continue.

Unlock Disabled iPod


You will receive a prompt to tell you how to put the device into Recovery mode with detailed instructions.

Step 5. After that, the unlocking process will continue. Wait till it finishes. When it is done, you can get into the disabled iPod again without a passcode.


When you are using Passvers iPhone Unlocker to wipe the screen passcode and unlock the disabled iPod, there are four things you must keep in mind:

  • Removing the screen passcode will erase all data and settings on your iPod Touch. Thus, make sure you have backed up the important data before.
  • It would be better to disable Find My iPod Touch in advance. If not, you will need to enter the iCloud passcode to reset the device after unlocking.
  • Your device will be updated to the latest iOS version.
  • You need to register before unlocking.

How to Unlock Disabled iPod with Passvers iOS System Recovery

Unlike Passvers iPhone Unlocker, Passvers iOS System Recovery works in another way to unlock disabled iPod by erasing all data, including the screen locks of the devices to help you get into them again. Except for the disabled situation, when you have got a dead, damaged, bricked or frozen iPod, the software can remove all data on it and bring you an unlocked device once again.

Advantages of using Passvers iOS System Recovery:

  • The program won't ask you for passcode while iTunes does sometimes.
  • It can fix disabled iPod Touch in recovery mode or DFU mode, under which all iOS devices can be restored from any state.
  • It provides a step-to-step guide through the whole repair process.

Now, you can fix the "iPod is disabled, connect to iTunes" error by using Passvers iOS System Recovery with the tutorial below.

Step 1. Open Passvers iOS System Recovery and plug the disabled iPod into the computer. In the software, and click Start to scan the device.

Scan Disabled iPod

Step 2. Select Advanced Mode and click Confirm to continue. Now, also follow the guide on the program and put your iPod Touch in Recovery mode or DFU mode.

Select Advanced Mode

Step 3. When your iPod is detected successfully, the program will then display the information of your device, such as the serial number and system version. It is important for you to make sure the device info is correct.

Put iPod to Recovery or DFU Mode

After that, you can proceed to choose the detected iPod device from the category menu. And select a suitable firmware package from different drop-down menu to download or import and hence repair the disabled iPod.

Select Disabled iPod to Recover

Step 4. Finally, click Repair if you have verified the info. Then Passvers iOS System Recovery will erase all data and recover the disabled iPod for you. Once it finishes, you can get an unlocked iPod to use again.

Repair Disabled iPod


All data will be erased after the repair. If you have a backup, you can restore the iTunes/iCloud backup when setting up the iPod later.

Method 3. Remotely Erase iPod Using iCloud

If you don't have access to a computer right now and use iTunes or Passvers software to fix the iPod won’t turn on problem, there is a way allowing you to fix the disabled iPod remotely without using a computer: erasing the iPod Touch with iCloud. However, you need to make sure that the "Find My" function has been turned on or you can't use this way to unlock a disabled iPod.

Step 1. On an iPhone/iPad or other iOS device with internet access, open a browser and navigate to icloud.com/find.

Step 2. Sign in with your Apple ID.

Step 3. Click All Devices and select the disabled iPod device (you want to erase and unlock.

Step 4. Choose Erase iPod. Then the device will erase all data, including the screen lock immediately. After that, you are allowed to access the iPod without a passcode or lock ID again.

iCloud Erase iPod

FAQs of Fix iPod Errors

In this part, you can find the answers when you encounter errors occur on your iPod 1st/2nd/3th/4th/5th/6th/7th generation. Now, let’s keep reading.

What to Do If My iPod is Disabled and I See a Security Lockout Screen?

If you forget your iPod passcode and enter the wrong one too many times, you may see a lock screen saying iPod unavailable. To reset your iPod and get it unlocked again, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Choose “Forgot Passcode?” on the down-right corner on the screen, and tap “Start iPod Device” to confirm.

Step 2. Enter your Apple ID and password to sign out from iPod.

Step 3. Then, choose “Erase iPod” to delete all of your data and settings. After your iPod restart, you can follow the on-screen instruction to set up your iPod.


  • Your iPod should be using iOS 15.2 and later.
  • Your iPod needs to be connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network.
  • You need to have enabled Find My feature on your iPod before.

I Can't Remember iPod Password. How to Deal with It?

The above method requires your Apple ID and Password. What if you’ve forgot them and failed to reset your iPod? No worries. The professional tool, Passvers iPhone Unlocker mentioned in the second part, can do it for you. If you have a computer on your side and cannot use iTunes at the moment, Passvers is a reliable helper. If will be an ultimate answer of how to unlock an iPod without passcode or Apple ID. You just need to download and launch it, and choose the Remove Apple ID mode, and it will unlock your iPod without password.

But notice that if you have enabled Find My feature on your iPod, you will lose all data stored on it. So, it’s better to make a backup.

How to Factory Reset iPod Touch?

Factory reset your iPod touch is also a way to fix some iPod errors. If you remember your iPod passcode or Apple ID, it’s never easy to achieve. Just read the following steps:

Step 1. Tap Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPod Touch.

Step 2. Enter your passcode or Apple ID password.

Step 3. Confirm to factory reset your iPod.

But as you cannot recall your passcode or Apple ID, the most direct way is unavailable. If you have synced your iPod to iTunes, you can connect it to iTunes and restore it. What if you cannot use iTunes either? Luckily, Passvers iPhone Unlocker, the reliable iOS device unlocker will help you remove not only passcode but also Apple ID without the Apple ID or passcode. You can try it then.

In Conclusion

No matter if you use iTunes, the professional Passvers software Passvers iPhone Unlocker, or the online service iCloud, you can find the right ways to access a disabled iPod and fix "iPod is disabled, connect to iTunes" after entering wrong passwords to get it locked. Now, just choose the right method to fix it if you are also meeting the iPod unavailable problem too.

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