D Back has been a well-known software launched by the leading brand, iMyFone, for helping users to retrieve lost data on iOS devices without any hassle. For years, iMyFone D Back has helped users from all over the world to get back the lost data happening from various situations, such as mistaken deletion, factory reset, iOS upgrade errors, damaged or lost iPhone, etc.

With an easy-to-grasp interface, iMyFone D Back only takes an easy process to get most of the files and data recovered with quick speed and high efficiency. If you are also seeking a professional software tool to recover iOS data when encountering sudden data loss, pre-check this review of iMyFone D Back with our testing details to see whether the software is what you need.

1. iMyFone D Back Review: Is it Free?

For first-time users of iMyFone D Back, the software offers a free version for testing out the basic features. In this way, users are available to experience the functionality for seeing if the software is what they want. However, iMyFone D Back still requires a subscription for unlocking its full functions as limitations will be set for the free users. For those who are willing to pay for using the software, iMyFone D Back provides three subscription plans for selecting based on personal requirements:

  • 1-Month Plan on 1 iOS device: $49.95
  • 1-Year Plan on 1 iOS device: $59.95
  • Lifetime Plan on 5 iOS devices: $69.95
iMyFone D-Back Individual Subscription Plans

As an extra bonus, iMyFone D Back also provides a business plan for companies to purchase the software for using on more devices. It is available for customers to customize the plans based on actual requirements.


Also provided with the 30-day satisfaction guarantee, when users encounter any usage issue or other status when a refund is required, iMyFone provides the money-back guarantee if you meet the refunding regulations. You are able to contact the customer support team to resolve the refund timely.

2. iMyFone D Back Review: Ease of Use

When iMyFone D Back was thoroughly tested, we found this software would be easy for everyone to grasp, as it has designed the functionality to be simple enough. It takes only 3 easy steps to get any lost data recovered within a moment. Here shows a brief guide on the operation process of recovering iOS data via iMyFone D Back:

STEP 1. When you have followed the introductions to install iMyFone D Back on your desktop, launch the software and select one data recovery mode based on your requirement.


STEP 2. Then, select the deleted data type for starting to scan through the folders on your desktop.

Scan the File Type You Want to Retrieve Data or Files From

STEP 3. After the scanning process, iMyFone D Back will provide the list of the files that are available to recover. Simply choose the items and submit "Recover" to bring them back again.


To conclude, iMyFone D Back is developed with auto-scanning technology and smart detection mode, enabling users to scan through the desktops for accessing the deleted data and files without hassle, and just within one click. It suits users of all levels to process the data recovery on iOS devices, as the functionality will be pretty simple to grasp. Even for those green hands, they can quickly master the software and process to recover deleted data on iOS directly, without wasting much time on getting familiar with the software.

3. Is iMyFone D Back Safe?

As iMyFone D Back is a third-party software launched on the Internet, some people would consider the security of the software before processing the installation.

With security verified from multiple organizations, iMyFone D Back is absolutely safe to use. It highly secures users' device safety, without adding any adware or malware bundled with the software. The simple setup process also ensures that no extra viruses would have the chance to insert into the software for attacking your desktops.

Despite this, iMyFone D Back also sets built-in security technologies to ensure 100% safe in-app performance, without keeping any of users' personal data or info illegally during the files scanning process. Hence, iMyFone D Back is a completely safe software you can believe in.

4. Its Alternative: Passvers iPhone Unlocker

As iMyFone D Back helps users to retrieve data back on iOS under different situations, its alternative, Passvers iPhone Unlocker, also brings an efficient way to unlock iOS locks for accessing the data saved on iOS devices or iCloud backups without hassle. It is available to deal with the three types of locks for iOS devices, including:

  • Screen locks (4/6-digit passcode, Touch ID, Face ID);
  • Apple/iCloud ID passwords removal;
  • Screen time passcodes unlock.

Passvers iPhone Unlocker delivers the easy-to-grasp functionality for applying under various scenarios, such as the broken screen, passwords forgotten, disabled devices, etc., for helping to access the lock-up data again.

Unlock Your iPhone & iPad in Different Situations

Passvers iPhone Unlocker empowers the simplest process to help unlock iOS devices enabling users to re-access the data. All you have to go through are three easy steps. This brief presents the process of using Passvers iPhone Unlocker.

STEP 1. Launch Passvers iPhone Unlocker and select an unlocking mode. To remove the screen locks, you are required to select the "Wipe Passcode" option.

STEP 2. When you have connected your iOS device to the desktop, the device info will be presented, and you should hit the "Start" icon to download the firmware package for processing the screen locks unlock.


STEP 3. When the firmware package is downloaded, submit "Start" and Passvers iPhone Unlocker will remove the screen locks within seconds. Then, you are able to access the data when the iOS device is unlocked again.


5. Should you buy iMyFone D Back?

The former analysis has introduced the security, easy-to-grasp functionality, and pricing of iMyFone D Back. Generally, iMyFone D Back is able to cover most users' data recovery demands and performs the recovery process in a quick as well as safe way.

Additionally, another simple method to help evaluate whether iMyFone D Back suits your needs is to compare its pros and cons for checking if the software could win your trust. Hence, here also concludes the general pros and cons of the software to help make up your mind before deciding to buy the software.

Pros and Cons of iMyFone D Back


  • The data and files recovery process by iMyFone D Back always comes with a high success rate;
  • Suitable for recovering almost all types of files and data happening from various data loss situations;
  • Quick speed is available to process the recovery;
  • Bypass the passcodes to retrieve data for you with simple clicks.


  • The recovery may take a bit longer duration when the files you need to recover are large;
  • Limited data recovery modes and selective files under the free trial period.
Final Words

Through this full review of iMyFone D Back, we hope you have an overall understanding of the software and its full functionality. Evaluated from all aspects, iMyFone D Back is a trustworthy software program that is able to help retrieve lost data on iOS devices with ease. Although it also contains the negative sides, iMyFone D Back still attracts many users with its professional services. Hope this review has helped.