It's a bit difficult to make out DFU Mode, for it just shows a black screen of death. So, it's hard to tell whether your iPhone is stuck in DFU Mode or simply freezes at the black screen unless you've made changes to the firmware: upgrade/downgrade iOS, jailbreak your iPhone, unlock SIM or more. 

If you're in trouble with DFU Mode, this post is a helper for you. The method I'm going to introduce is workable on all models of iPhone, including the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Isn't it cool?

With the step-by-step instructions, what you need to do is simply follow this guide. Moreover, if you're tired of facing such an elaborate guide, there is a brief but detailed video guide available for you in the second part. No more cliche. Let's hit the road.

Part 1: A Hassle-Free Method to Get out of DFU Mode

As a rule, a hard reboot is able to restore the DFU Mode issue. Before you dig into this way, please make sure you've try pressing down the "Home" and "Power" button to restart your iPhone.

If not working, please try Passvers iOS System Recovery available on Mac & Win for a further help. This software is a pro when it comes to iOS problems like being stuck in Apple Logo, connecting to iTunes or other screens of death. Suitable for all models of iDevice, it helps to fix DFU Mode screen as well without data loss. As a user-friendly program, simply following the instructions below will do.

Step 1. Get Down to iOS System Recovery

With a click of above buttons, you can instantly download and install the program on Mac or Win. After you launch Passvers iOS System Recovery, please hook your iPhone up to it. Then, choose a suitable repair mode you need.

Choose Repair Mode

Step 2. Detect Your Fault Type

The program will start detecting and recognizing what abnormal state you're facing. Next, click on "Fix" to continue.


Step 3. Download Matching Firmware for Repair

At this step, please select and confirm your device model and iOS version. When done, hit the "Next" button to start the matching firmware as to restore your iPhone.

Download Firmware

Step 4. Start Getting iPhone out of DFU Mode

After the firmware is done downloading, it starts to repair your device. Please make sure that your iPhone stays connected to the program in the whole process. Also, since it needs to download the matching firmware, it requires network connection. Please wait patiently until the process completes.

Downloading Firmware

Part 2: A Video Guide to Fix iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode

Here is a guide video of Passvers iOS System Recovery. If you prefer to watch a video rather that read the paragraphs, just take a look at the following video on YouTube. For a better experience, please watch the video in full screen. If you're interesting in more iPhone troubleshooting or tips & tricks, please do subscribe Passvers on YouTube.

DFU Mode plays a role in rooting or iOS changes, however, don't try to access this mode if you're not tech savvy. If you encounter any trouble with iPhone, Passvers will always be on your side.