Recently some Apple Music users complain that they get "Unable to Download Songs" error when they want to listen to songs offline. Other users say when tap on the download button next to it, the button spins for a while, with nothing downloaded. If you've come across the same issue, don't worry as this article will show you how to fix Apple Music not downloading songs to iPhone.

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Solution 1: Check Your Network

The first thing to check is whether you stay in a good network environment and turn on Wi-Fi/ Cellular Data. Besides, if you are using Cellular Data, go to Settings > Music > Cellular Data, and check two things:

  • Tap Wireless Data to see if Apple Music is allowed to use mobile data;
  • See if you turn on Downloads to permit Apple Music download songs on mobile data (Attention, if you allow this function, data usage will be greatly increased. )
Apple Music Cellular Data

Solution 2: Restart Apple Music App

Many users say they can save the songs after restarting Apple Music. You can:

  • Double-click the Home button;
  • Find out Apple Music;
  • Slide it up to close it.

Then tap Apple Music on the Home Page to restart it. Now run Apple Music to find your song to save.

Apple Music

Solution 3: Restart Your Device

During operation, iPhone may generate junk files that prevent apps from running smoothly, which may result in Apple Music not downloading songs to iPhone. When restarting, the system will clear junk files as well as close some background apps, so that your phone and its apps can run more smoothly.

Thus, you may try to recover the download function of Apple Music by restarting your phone.

STEP 1: Press and hold the Power button for about 5 seconds;

STEP 2: Slide to shut down the phone, and press and hold the Power button again to turn on it.

Slide to Shut Down iPhone 6

Solution 4: Re-login Apple ID

Apple ID is for you to access Apple Music, play, and download songs. Thus you can re-login Apple ID to see if it helps to fix Apple Music not downloading songs.

STEP 1: Run Settings > [Your name] > scroll down to tap Sign Out.

Sign out Apple ID

STEP 2: You can sign in Apple ID in the same way, and then try to run Apple Music and download a song to your library.

Solution 5: Turn off and on "Show Apple Music"

"Show Apple Music" is an option to enable Apple Music, and when you turn off it, Apple Music is hidden, which provides you another way to relaunch Apple Music.

You can find the button in Settings > Music, slide to turn off and on it, and run Apple Music again to see if you can save your songs.

Show Apple Music

Solution 6: Update Apple Music

An updated version resolves the vulnerability of the previous version, which may include the issue that Apple Music not downloading songs.

STEP 1: You can open App Store > Updates, slide down to refresh.

STEP 2: If there is an "UPDATE" beside Apple Music, you can update it;

STEP 3: If there is an "OPEN" beside it, the app has been in the newest version.

Apple Music in Newest Version

Solution 7: Update iOS System

Also, an updated iOS system is more powerful and smarter, and problems in the old version may be removed, so updating your iPhone to iOS 11 may help to get Apple Music back to normal.

STEP 1: Run Settings > General, tap About to check the system version;

STEP 2: Tap Software Update > Install Now to update the system, if the newest one is available.


Before you update your iPhone, make sure the battery is charged over 50%. Besides, it will take some time for an update to complete, just leave your phone alone and wait for a while.

Solution 8: Repair the System of iPhone

System error may be responsible for Apple Music download not working. Passvers iOS System Recovery is an expert in fixing the system back to normal status, removing apps error and rescuing your iPhone from black/white screen. In addition, you will not experience data loss when you restore your phone by the app. Here is how to use it.

STEP 1: Put the Phone in Recovery Mode In recovery mode, a program named iBoot will examine your phone and test errors in the current iOS firmware. To put the phone in recovery mode:

  • iPhone 5/5s, 6/6s: Press and hold the Home and Power buttons;
  • iPhone 7/7Plus: Press and hold the Side and Volume Down buttons;
  • iPhone X, 8/ 8 Plus: Press Volume Up button, and Volume Down button in turn. Then press and hold Side button.

Don't release the button until the icon of iTunes appears on the screen.

STEP 2: Connect your device to PC via USB cable, and run Passvers iOS System Recovery. Then there is a notice that your device is in an abnormal status. Click Confirm to continue.

STEP 3: Check if the information about your phone model and system version is correct. If yes, click Repair and wait. Your iPhone will be back to normal status soon.


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